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Copying services

The National Library of Belarus provides the copying services as follow:

  • photocopying fragments of print documents;
  • scanning fragments of print documents;
  • copying information from databases and the Internet;
  • copying audio files.

The following  documents are to be scanned only for safekeeping:

  • circulation documents prepared for binding and restoration, with physical damages, fragile paper, binding thickness of more than 5 centimeters and which do not open 180 degrees, regardless of the year of publication;
  • circulation documents issued before 1900, newspapers and printed music published before 1946 and engravings, regardless of the year of publication;
  • full pages of printed publications, the size of which exceeds the A3 format;
  • manuscripts, rare books and early printed books (except for rare publications of the XIX–XX cc.).

Copying information is an additional service and is performed on a fee basis in accordance with the Price list.

Rules for copying information