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Photography, video recording, filming and shooting of documents

The National Library of Belarus provides the opportunity to shoot the following types of documents on your own equipment within the library:

  • Early printed books of the XV–XVI centuries and the XVII–XVIII centuries;
  • Rare publications of the XIX century – 1917, 1918–1945, rare publications since 1946;
  • Manuscripts of the XVI century and manuscripts of the XVII–XVIII centuries;
  • Archival documents of the XIX–XX centuries;
  • Single engravings and lithographs disregarding the date of publication, circulation engravings and lithographs of the ХІХ century –1917, circulation  engravings since 1918;
  • Albums published before 1917, 1918–1945, albums since 1946;
  • Postcards and reproductions published before 1917, 1918–1945, postcards and reproductions since 1946;
  • Posters and placards published between 1941 and 1960; posters and placards since 1961;
  • Newspapers.

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