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Advertising on the building of the National Library of Belarus

Place your advertisement on a unique medium and the symbol of our country – the building of the National Library of Belarus!

Color effects, animation, dynamic lighting and size will make your advertisement powerful and impressive.


Our advantages:

  • affordable prices for all types of outdoor advertising;
  • one of the biggest advertising medium in the country: 1,485 square meters, the running symbol 9 meters height and 165 meters length;
  • wide audience: the advertising faces the huge flows of people on the main thoroughfare of the city (drivers, passengers, pedestrians);
  • high customer attention: a dynamic advertising is much more effective than static one and is well seen for a long time and from a distance.

It is possible to place two kinds of advertising information on the library building: graphic images and texts.

Advertisement on the National Library’s building is not only a great event but also a very important success factor for any enterprise.

Advertising service of the National Library of Belarus:
phone (+ 375 17) 293 27 65, 293 28 25, 293 28 45,
phone/fax (+375 17) 293 25 81,