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The photo project "Belarus: Beautiful Moments" is opening at the library
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The National Library's anniversary is being broadcast on Belarusian television!

The National Library's anniversary is being broadcast on Belarusian television!
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A number of events commemorating the centennial will take place in 2022. The exhibition project "Diamonds of the Century: from the library collection," the exhibition "100 rarities: from historical book collections to modern art books," the mobile photo exhibition "National Library of Belarus," the educational campaign "Biblionoch," and many other projects are among the most notable.

The Belarus 1 TV channel's "Good morning, Belarus" programme is now airing information about Belarus' century-old history, one-of-a-kind knowledge "treasury" collections, and peculiar library services.

Additionally, on the Belarus 1 TV channel's "Good morning, Belarus" show, Viktar Pshybytka, the library's deputy general director, outlined the plans for the anniversary date, the work of the library, special collections in the "treasury" of knowledge, and unusual services.

The National Library of Belarus celebrated its 100th birthday on September 15th. What was it like? The news report is featured on STV's "24 Hours" newscast.

TV channel ONT, “the location where the nicest presents are kept! In Belarus, today is National Library Day! The holiday is commemorated on the anniversary of the National Library's founding. The Diamond of Knowledge turns 100 years old this year! The fund was initially created from the holdings of the Belarusian State University, and the books were distributed to important institutions throughout the Soviet Union in the early years. Prior to the start of the Great Patriotic War, our library was ranked among the top 30 in the entire globe. There is a comprehensive schedule for the anniversary.”  

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The Christmas Star

7 Dec 2022

The Ring Gallery (second floor) will play host to the joyous exhibition "The Christmas Star", which is dedicated to Christmas and New Year, from December 7 to January 16.

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