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Chronicle of construction. 2003 year

Chronicle of construction. 2003 year
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On the calendar 2003 is the second year of construction of the new library building. The next publication within the framework of the virtual project “The National Library of Belarus in the Modern Press” will be devoted not only to the chronicle of construction, but also... to military topics.

According to experts, the construction of the new building of the National Library can rightfully be called the construction site of the century, as it is associated with enormous technical difficulties and is a kind of challenge of the time. It can also be argued that the library design is absolutely immune to obsolescence. After all, 13 years have passed from the moment of its creation on paper to its embodiment in the material, and it is still modern. There are still no buildings of this type in the CIS countries or in Europe.

It is hard to imagine the National Library of Belarus here. Photo: S Basyleva-Lanko

The foundation of the library, fifteen and a half meters high (this is the size of a five-storey building), has already been laid, but it is still difficult to imagine a huge 70-meter "diamond" in this place. At the beginning of January 2003, construction is a huge pit, in the depths of which work is in full swing. And so far nothing is visible to those passing or walking along the avenue, except for people and construction equipment. But funding for the construction is ongoing, which means that there is no doubt that very soon the "diamond" will sparkle in the sun with its facets.

The fundament is interesting in it's formation. Photo: L. Shohina

Work on the construction of a new library building is being carried out around the clock, but nevertheless, on one of the January days, they froze for several hours. The construction site was cordoned off in connection with a dangerous find - an artillery shell. Two hours later, there were already 50 of them, and in total, as a result of the operation, 110 45 caliber shells from the time of the Great Patriotic War were removed from the ground. The found ammunition was loaded into a special vehicle and taken to a landfill near Minsk, where they were all detonated. After checking the surrounding area, work resumed.

In February 2003, the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution “On approval of the architectural project “The National Library of Belarus”.

bud_2003_3.jpgThe construction in progress. Photo: L. Shohina

In the meantime, almost six months have passed since the construction of the library began. The erected foundation, surrounded by unusual formwork, resembles a huge matryoshka doll, and its area is more than 3 thousand square meters. Scientists and designers, together with the State Expertise, are polishing the final structural scheme of the high-rise book depository. It is a spatial frame with a stiffening core made of monolithic reinforced concrete. Along the outer contour of the building, along its entire height, there are reinforced concrete columns, and at the level of the floors there are stiffening belts. Such a constructive solution provided the required rigidity of the structure on the outer contour of the frame, which made it possible to apply any method of facade cladding, including spider glazing. In addition, the question of the survivability of the frame was studied in response to progressive failure in the event of failure of individual structural elements.

The construction in progress. Photo: L. Shohina

To receive the load from the high-rise part of the building, a special 700-ton support ring was made, which by September will be mounted and concreted on a contoured reinforced concrete wall with 28 columns. The weight of the "diamond", without the tower connected with the book depository by means of transitional galleries, will be 130 thousand tons. And 8 million copies of printed materials, which will immediately be placed in it, provide only 60% of the payload.

To learn more about the construction of the new library building, visit The initiator of its creation was the capital construction department of the Minsk City Executive Committee. On the site you can find any information, from the total building area to the design project of the future library.


The project of a new park near the new library has been approved, which will organically complement its unusual architecture. The park will occupy an area of ​​80 hectares and will be located within the boundaries of Kedyshko, Filimonov, Parnikovaya streets and Independence Avenue. Francisk Skaryna Street and Independence Avenue will divide the park into 3 independent territories along the Slepyanskaya water system. In the central part of the park, an alley of famous figures of science, culture and politics of Belarus is planned, in the north and south - zones of active recreation and a landscape park.

Meanwhile, in the old building of the library, work began on preparing the funds for the future move. This process, due to its scale (the 8 million fund is located on 19 thousand square meters in 6 different buildings in our city) will be very complex and incomparable with anything. In addition, in the history of all libraries in the world, such precedents for the movement of such large collections are extremely rare. This means that, as in construction issues, you will have to develop a unique strategy and rely only on your own experience. As a matter of course, it is said about special containers in which literature will be placed, and about militia corteges, which will accompany a truly priceless cargo along its entire route. In the new building of the library, the system of storage and use of funds will be significantly improved.


"Construction of the Year" - the winner in such a nomination could have been the National Library in 2003. And now it is called object number 1 in the construction industry in Belarus. It is truly unique: both in terms of scale and pace of construction, and in terms of architectural, planning and constructive solutions, and in the absence of analogues in the whole world. In addition, this is a national building, because you and I contribute part of the funds for its construction.

Next to the library under construction, a small building of an autonomous boiler room has been erected, which will heat the entire library complex. Now equipment is being installed in it, and it will work by the next heating season. (Subsequently, in connection with the construction of a residential area near the library, the boiler room will be demolished, and the library will be connected to the Ministry of Heating and Heating Networks).


And again, sappers had to work on the construction of the National Library. When carrying out earthworks, the excavator turned 2 shells onto the surface. The sappers who arrived found 3 more shells and 4 mortar mines from the times of the Great Patriotic War. All dangerous finds were removed and destroyed.

And on the eve of the new year, 2004, a fluffy Christmas tree all in colorful garlands appeared at the highest mark of the building of the National Library under construction - 24 meters. It not only became an adornment of the main construction site of the country, but also a kind of measure of the work done.

More detailed information can be found in the database "The National Library of Belarus in the Press". In addition, by filling out the mailing list for the above resource, you will receive all the news about our library.

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