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The Memory of Vladimir Dubovka will not Fade

The Memory of Vladimir Dubovka will not Fade
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Interesting pages of the virtual project “On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life” can now be found in the specially created news section To the 100th Anniversary of “Maladnyak" on the portal of the National Library of Belarus.

The new section will be presented in July on the birthday of Vladimir Dubovka (1900 or 1901-1976), talented Belarusian poet-innovator, prose writer, linguist and translator.

The fruitful cooperation with various cultural institutions within the framework of our project makes it possible to present the figure of the poet appropriately. The National Library of Belarus has established relations with the Postavy Children's Library named after V. Dubovka, whose team seeks to study and popularize the work of their countryman. 


Children's Library named after V. Dubovka, Postavy city
Photo of the Postavy Children's Library

The library staff shared with us information about the events that are held in honour of the writer. And these are literary meetings, music events, book exhibitions, promotions and more.

For example, during the literary meeting “My life - cornflower or rose”, young women in national dresses presented people with rose hips and booklets with poems by Vladimir Dubovka.

And in July 2018, the bicycle race “To Be Near Dolzha” was fun and positive, the route of which ran through the native poet's villages Mankovichi and Ogorodniki and ended near Lake Dolzha.

The documents received from the Postavy Children's Library named after V. Dubovka became a valuable asset for the project. The documents placed in the "Poet's Photo Gallery" section. These are letters of the writer to his teacher Nina Zhuk.

We remind you that the virtual project "On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life" gives you an opportunity to see full texts of magazines, almanacs and literary editions of the association "Maladnyak" and life books of the members of the organization.

Follow the news, you will find more interesting and informative!

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