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“Formavidzets”, “vobrazapisets” , “muzykaslovets”: a new virtual resource

“Formavidzets”, “vobrazapisets” , “muzykaslovets”: a new virtual resource
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The National Library of Belarus has created a new virtual resource dedicated to the 120th anniversary since the birth date of Yazep Pushha, a poet, a critic and a translator in the framework of the project "On the waves of time throughout the life".

We celebrated the anniversary of the writer Yazep Pushha (1902-1964), one of the founders and active participants of the association "Maladnyak", on May 20th, 2022. The poet was a leader of the avant-garde movement, a supporter of outrage, experimenting with the form of utterance, a master of unexpected images, the creator of "mastatstva zhyvapisannya muzykayu sloy" [the art of writing with the help of lyrics]. These features of the unusual Pushha’s style were subtly captured by his pen friend, a talented critic Adam Babareko, who described the poet's creative handwriting with three neologisms: "formavidzets" [a shape maker], "vobrazapisets" [a look writer], "muzykaslovets" [a lyric writer].

Yazep Pushha at work.
From the collections of the Belarusian State Archive - Museum of Literature and Art

Within the framework of the virtual project, users are presented with material about the life and work of Yazep Pushha, its fate is outlined, and statements about it are collected by contemporaries, friends, students and teachers of the Chaadaevskaya secondary school, where the writer worked for a long time. Fragments from the memoirs of Yazep Pushha's wife, Stanislava Plashchinskaya, will tell their touching story of dating and later life.

Yazep Pushha with his wife in the school garden. Chaadaevo. 15.06.1958.
From the collections of the Belarusian State Archive - Museum of Literature and Art

The section contains 5 digitized books of the poet, which were published during his lifetime and are now stored in the collections of the National Library. Among them are collections of poems "Ranitsa Rykae" [the morning is roaring] (1925), "Vita" with the author's autograph (1926),”Dni vyasni” [days of spring] (1927), “Pesni na ruinah” [songs on ruins] (1929) and a poem “Kryvavy plakat” [a bloody poster] (1930).

Researchers and anyone interested in the writer's personality and work will find useful the full texts of contemporary authors' materials: articles of Irina Bogdanovich, Tatiana Borodulya (under the pseudonym Maria Yaroshevich), Mikhail Baranovsky, Dmitry Davidovsky, Viktor Zhibul, Anna Zapartyko and Zoya Melnikova, which are posted with the permission of the researchers.

A large-scale photo gallery created with the help of the funds of the project partners: the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature and the Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art (Fund No. 26) gives the greatest value to the virtual resource. For the richness and variety of materials, their good preservation, we should thank the writer's wife, who saved her husband's legacy and at one time passed it on to archivists and museum workers.

Yazep Pushha (first from the right in the second row) with Belarusian writers.
From the collections of the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature

The photo gallery contains photos of the poet and his family, group photos with writers, colleagues and students, copies of documents and letters, numerous greeting cards and telegrams, images of gift inscriptions in books and photos of the writer's personal belongings. Of particular value are the full texts of Yazep Pushha notebooks with sketches of poems and author's corrections, with which you can look into the poet's creative laboratory. Researchers are given the opportunity to download all photographic materials for further use with a link to the document keepers.

Poem "Kali ahon zhitja zhasat zbjareca" [when the fire is going to die away] 31.01.1958. The manuscript.
From the collections of the Belarusian State Archive - Museum of Literature and Art

Inkwell from the Yazep Pushha writing device. XX century From the archive of S.Shpakovskaya.
From the collections of the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature

Welcome address of Belarusian friends-writers on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Yazep Pushha. 07.05.1962.
From the collections of the Belarusian State Archive - Museum of Literature and Art

In the section "Perpetuating the memory of Yazep Pushha" you can learn about various initiatives that were organized in his honor from the second half of the 1960s to the present day. Among them are literary evenings, excursions, writing songs based on the poet's poems, creating illustrations for his works by Belarusian artists, written memoirs left by fellow teachers, a poem dedicated to the Pushha by his student Yuri Mudrov...

Portrait of Yazep Pushha by A. Kashkurevich. 1968

Illustration by V. Tikhonovich to the poetic fairy tale of Yazep Pushcha "Na Babrytsi".
From the collections of the National Library of Belarus

The name of the writer is actively popularized by fellow countrymen. For example, in 2008, students and teachers of the Novodvorskaya Secondary School of the Minsk district organized a meeting with Lidia Iosifovna, the middle daughter of Yazep Pushha. Chaadaevskaya secondary educational school of the Murom district of the Vladimir region also does not forget about the writer. The museum "People's memory is alive" operates on its basis, where there is a stand dedicated to the school director Iosif Pavlovich Plashhinsky (real name of Yazep Pushha), and there are educational excursions.

The latest initiatives in honor of the writer were the events of the National Library dedicated to the 120th anniversary of his birth: a book exhibition "Volny ptach belaruskich niabjosau" [a free bird of Belarussian skies] in the hall of the Belarussian literature and a round table "Odyssey of Yazep Pushchi", which was held on May 20 with the participation of leading fellows of Pushha’s works.

The virtual project "Na khvali chasu, u plyni zhytsia", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the literary association "Maladnyak", is implemented by the National Library of Belarus, the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature, the Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art and the newspaper "Litaratura i Mastatstva" [Literature and Art].

You kindly are invited to get acquainted with the project and the virtual exhibition dedicated to Yazep Pushha. The project is presented in Russian and Belarusian.

By Information and Analytical Department.


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