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"Belarusian Nightingale": a new virtual exposition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the birth of Zmitrok Byadulya

"Belarusian Nightingale": a new virtual exposition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the birth of Zmitrok Byadulya
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We present a new section of the virtual project "On the Waves of Time throughout Life", implemented by the National Library of Belarus, the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature, the Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art and the magazine "Maladost" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the literary association "Maladnyak".

The new virtual exposition of the project is dedicated to an extremely interesting personality – a writer, linguist, literary critic, translator, one of the founders of the new Belarusian literature, a member of the literary association "Maladnyak", Zmitrok Byadulya (1886-1941), whose 135th anniversary is celebrated on May 6 (in a new style ).

Мемарыяльная дошка-1.jpg
Memorial plaque on the house in the village of Posadets (Logoisk district), where Z. Byadulya was born

The personality of the writer has recently become especially relevant. On November 3, 2020, on the anniversary of his death, the most important event for Belarusian culture took place: the writer's ashes finally returned to their homeland, they were reburied at the Eastern Cemetery. Now, the National Library has joined the celebration of the cause of perpetuating the memory of Zmitrok Byadulya, having created a virtual section of the project "On the Waves of Time throughout Life" dedicated to the anniversary of the writer.

For the attention of users is presented material about the life and fate of Zmitrok Byadulya, the peculiarities of his work. The section contains 29 of his digitized books by Zmitrok Byadulya, which were published during the life of the "maladnyakovets" and are now kept in the collections of the National Library.

Please note that due to technical reasons, viewing of full-text documents on the library portal is temporarily unavailable.

The section contains literature about the life and works by Zmitrok Byaduli. The full-text articles by Zoya Melnikova, Igor Sholodonov, Viktor Zhibul, Anatoly Trofimchik, Daria Korchashkina, posted with the permission of the authors will be useful for researchers and everyone who is interested in the personality and work of the writer.

The "Photo Gallery" is extremely interesting. Here you can see a number of valuable photographs from the funds of the project partners, including photographs from a family album and group photographs with writers. From the images, both the young and the more mature Zmitrok Byadulya, as well as his relatives, descendants, friends, look at us...

Zmitrok Byadulya. Vilnia. 1914

Мацвей Плаўнік-3.jpg
Matvey Plavnik, Bedulya's brother. 03/30/1926

З. Бядуля, М. Каспяровіч, У. Дубоўка.jpg
Z. Byadulya, N. Kasperovich, V. Dubovka, 1925–1926

Separately, the photo gallery presents letters and documents from Byadulya, as well as a critical study of his scientific activities by M. Kaminsky. Researchers are given the opportunity to download all photographic materials for the purpose of their further use with a link to the custodians of the documents.

Ліст да сястры Гені.jpg
Letter from Zmitrok Byadulya to his sister Gena Cherzhinskaya. 03/23/1941. Minsk

Users will be interested in valuable photographs of the production of "The Nightingale" based on the story of the same name by Z. Byadulya. The premiere of the performance took place on the stage of BGT-1 in 1937, the roles in it were performed by the leading artists of the theater: L. Rakhlenko, S. Stanyuta, G. Glebov, M. Zorev, O. Galina-Aleksandrovskaya, S. Birillo and others.

Сцэна са спектакля “Салавей”.jpg
A scene from the play "The Nightingale". G. Glebov as Vygorsky (sitting in the center), L. Rakhlenko as Nightingale (standing third from the left). Directed by L. Rakhlenko and L. Litvinov. BGT-1. 1937

The memory of Zmitrok Byadulya is preserved through the efforts of a number of cultural and educational institutions. Thus, the National Library managed to establish contact with the secondary school in Kreisk, where valuable exhibits related to the personality of the writer, for example, his autograph, have been preserved to this day (the photo can be seen in the project).

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