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Inspired Wings of Talent

Inspired Wings of Talent
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The 80th anniversary of the birth of Piotr Parshyn (1943–2021), a famous Belarusian artist and talented teacher, is celebrated on the 2nd May.

Piotr Parshyn was born on 2 May, 1943 in Cheliabinsk. He finished high school in this city and was drafted into the army. He entered the State theater and art institute (now the Belarusian state academy of arts) in 1965, where he was taught by the famous masters of Belarusian fine arts: I. Akhremchyk, N. Voranaw, Kh. Lifshyts, V. Gramyka. In 1972, under the guidance of the Belarussian distinguished artist P. Krakhaliow he completed his studies, defending his thesis "Ice-yachtmen".

The young artist remained in Minsk after completing his studies there, and as a result, Belarus was always a part of his life and work. He immediately joined the cultural life of the republic, actively participating in art exhibitions, performing author's projects of artistic design of exhibition expositions of a number of cultural, educational and training institutions of the country. Later, Piotr Parshyn became involved in the process of popularizing Belarusian art abroad. His works had been exhibited at numerous international exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, France, Sweden and other countries. In total, during his entire creative life, the master had participated in more than 60 art exhibitions of various levels, including two personal ones.

The artist's creative range was diverse: being a follower of realistic art, he worked fruitfully in the genres of portrait, landscape, thematic painting, and still life. The created works were distinguished by high compositional quality, an impeccable culture of painting solutions, and a deep understanding of the essence of painting. The beauty of the Belarusian region, its people and nature became a source of inspiration.

Unnamed heights of the Lepel region (oil on canvas). 1981

A quiet conversation with eternity (oil on canvas). 2005 

Hardly the landscape took the central place in the master's work. Creating works of this genre, the artist solved various plastic problems: from monumental-epic paintings, complex in compositional construction ("Silent Conversation with Eternity", "After a Thunderstorm", "Heritage", "Haymaking", "Native Expanses", etc.), to purely lyrical ones ("Blue Necklace of Spring", "Nocturne", "Autumn in Viazynka", "A Polesse village", "Spring on Svisloch",  etc.) and chamber ("The beginning of Spring", "Pink Day", "Landscape with horses", "At the watering hole", etc.). The characteristics of Parshyn's talent as a landscape artist are sincerity of perception, poetic perception, observation, and an enhanced sense of beauty. All paintings of this genre are imbued with love for the Belarusian land, warmed by the artist's soul, which is sensitive to various states of nature.

Blue Spring Beads (oil on canvas). 2008 

At the Watering Place (oil on canvas). 2005 

The author's philosophical mindset and ability to convey feelings convincingly, accurately and skillfully are clearly shown in thematic films: "Ice-yachtmen", "Film Transfer in the Village", "Legend of the Holy Lake", "Under a Peaceful Sky", "Morning", "Resurrection in Raubichi", "Yesenin's Youth", "Autumn Walk", etc.

Film shooting in the village (oil on canvas). 1980 

The Legend of the Holy Lake (oil on canvas). 2013 

Still lifes are distinguished by a variety of themes and subject content: flowers, gifts of nature, household items ("City flowers", "Still Life with lilac", "Mushrooms", "In the artist's workshop", "Still Life with carp", "Artists who did not return from the war", etc.). This genre was a kind of laboratory for P. Parshyn. By his own definition, still life is "a kind of touchstone for honing skills".

Still life with lilac (oil on canvas). 2007 

Still life with fish (oil on canvas). 1999

The artist also created a number of portraits in which he conveys finely the spiritual world of nature, each time finding new pictorial and plastic solutions. The heroes of portraiture are mostly people with whom the author was well acquainted: his family and friends, students and teachers ("Portrait of Marina", "Natalie", "Enchanted by Autumn", "Tennis Player", "Portrait of Valzhina", etc.).

Enchanted by Autumn (oil on canvas). 2008

Portrait of Marina (oil on canvas). 2008

The artist's works are perceived as part of the history of fine arts of the republic. Many of them are in the National art museum, stocks of the Belarusian union of artists, galleries in Minsk, private collections in Belarus and abroad.

His talent as a painter combined with extensive practical experience allowed P. Parshyn to become an excellent teacher. Initially, he taught at the Minsk children's art school No 1, and later at the Department of aesthetic education of the Belarusian state pedagogical university named after M. Tank. As a teacher, Piotr masterfully revealed the creative principle in his students, was able to convey his experience, create an atmosphere for the formation of a real creative personality. He brought up dozens of talented artists who realized themselves in various fields of art.

During his teaching career, P. Parshyn was repeatedly awarded with diplomas, diplomas and commendations of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Belarus, the department of culture of the Minsk city executive committee, the Belarusian state pedagogical university named after M. Tank. For his active participation in the development of the youth ecological movement "Earth is our Home", he was awarded a Commendation by the National academy of sciences. He is the author of a number of training aids and programs for teaching aesthetic disciplines.

The character attributes of Peter Parshin—desire for improvement, tenacity, and activity—found a striking expression in his multifaceted activities. He could enjoy life, listen to his heart, and was open to the world.

Additional information about the life and work of P. Parshyn can be found in the online encyclopedia "Belarus in Persons and Events" and the electronic catalog of the National library of Belarus.

In the slider:

  1. Self-portrait (oil on canvas). 1973 
  2. Spring in the Village (oil on canvas). 1981 
  3. March. The Sun (oil on canvas). 1983 
  4. Night Piece (oil on canvas). 2004
  5. Warm Evening (oil on canvas). 2011
  6. Morning of the St. Elizabeth Convent (oil on canvas). 2012 

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