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We Congratulate Ms Valiantsina Vinahradava, veteran of the National Library of Belarus on her 90th Anniversary

We Congratulate Ms Valiantsina Vinahradava, veteran of the National Library of Belarus on her 90th Anniversary
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Ms Vinahradava was born on May 16, 1931 in Hrudzinauka village of the Bykhau District, Mahiliou Region, in a working class family. Having finished the Hrudzinauka secondary school in 1951, the girl entered the Kharkiv State Library Institute. She successfully graduated from it in the major of "methodologist and teacher of club management."

Ms Vinahradava was sent to work at the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR, where she was an inspector of the club institutions of the administration of cultural and educational institutions for a year.

From September 1956 and over the next nine years, Ms Vinahradava worked at the Hrodna Cultural and Educational College. She taught club management, library science, the basics of Soviet art. During her work at the educational institution, she was not only a teacher, but also head of the correspondence department, chairperson of the subject cycle commission, head of industrial practice, secretary of college party organization and a deputy of the Hrodna City Council.


Her professional career in the State Library of the BSSR named after V.I. Lenin began in November 1965, when she was admitted to the temporary position of bibliographer of the scientific and bibliographic department.

Having proved herself perfectly, from January 20, 1966 she was transferred to the permanent position of Senior Bibliographer of the Scientific and Methodological Department. Here the experience she gained was in great demand and she used it effectively.

Ms Vinahradava is an author of many instructional and methodological guides to help public library employees. She was a brilliant lecturer at the Republican Institute for Advanced Training of Cultural Workers.


Since August 1, 1969, Ms Vinahradava headed the Department of Reference, Bibliographic and Informational Work, and during that time she became one of the leading bibliographers of the library and the republic. She not only provided skilled and considerate service for readers and successfully managed the work of the Department, but also professionally engaged in the compilation of bibliographic indexes; she edited all the current information publications issued by the department for many years.

Ms Vinahradava conducted diverse methodological work and very often made reports at all-Union, national and regional conferences and seminars. She constantly analysed the work of the libraries of the Republic on reference and information services, generously sharing her experience and best practices on the pages of the professional press.

With the direct active participation of Ms Vinahradava, all the documents of these years were being prepared that regulated the reference and bibliographic activities of the State Library of the BSSR named after V. I. Lenin and libraries of the Republic. In September 1975, under the leadership of the Head of the Department, a group for selective dissemination of information was created to provide up-to-date information to the staff of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus.

In 1983, Ms Vinahradava moved to the position of chief bibliographer due to health reasons, where she worked until she retired in 1993.

Ms Vinahradava took an active part in the public life of the library: she was Secretary (deputy secretary) of the library's party organization, chairperson of the trade union committee of the library, chairperson of the people's control group, etc.

Ms Vinahradava was awarded the Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR and the Belarusian National Committee of the Trade Union of Cultural Workers (05.05.1981), the badge "For excellent work".

Her colleagues remember her with warmth and respect. Ms Tatsiana Erokho notes: “Ms Vinahradava is a modest person with a rare soulfulness and tact, always kind towards readers and colleagues. She could always give advice on work issues, and in difficult life situations; her help was effective, unobtrusive and never advertised by her. "

The staff of the National Library of Belarus wholeheartedly congratulates Ms Valiantsina Vinahradava on her birthday and wishes her health and prosperity, happiness, love and attention of loved ones.

Reference and Information Service Department

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