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We Congratulate Ms Galina Kulaga, Veteran of the National Library of Belarus, on the 80th Anniversary!

We Congratulate Ms Galina Kulaga, Veteran of the National Library of Belarus, on the 80th Anniversary!
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Ms Galina Kulaga was born on March 8, 1941 in Vorsha of the Vitsiebsk Region in a public servant family. She came to be a librarian not from the first go, but dedicated to librarianship more than 30 years.

After finishing secondary school, she got a job of a telephone operator at the Vorsha International Telephone Station. She entered M. Gorky Minsk State Pedagogical Institute (now M. Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University) a year later and graduated from it in 1962.

Ms Kulaga was assigned to A. Pushkin Minsk Regional Library as a librarian. Due to her excellent knowledge that didn’t go unnoticed, she was transferred to the position of Chief Librarian at Ja. Maur Minsk State Children Library. She worked there almost 15 years and was well known among librarians of Belarus as a competent and motivated specialist in children’s book and children’s bool popularization.

Decent theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience allowed her to become employee of BSSR State Library named after V. Lenin (now the National Library of Belarus) at the position of Senior Editor in Research and Methodology Department on April 25, 1977. In two years, Ms Kulaga became Chief Librarian of the Department.

Her merits and achievements found quite complete assessment in the letter of reference made by K. Navumenka, Head of the Department, in 1978: “From the very first days of work at the Library she was given task demanding and complex tasks on the issue of children’s reading and library work with children. She went on business trips on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR many times to provide methodological help with reports at the regional and district seminars”.

In 1989, Ms Kulaga headed the Section for Work with Young Readers of the Research and Methodology Department, and in 1990 headed the Department itself.

Ms Kulaga was a practice oriented specialist, researcher and manager at once. She took active part in creating methodological and bibliographic guidebooks for reading, provided consultations for librarians on library business, and promoted children literature, implemented new forms of working with books. She prepared more than 30 manuals as an author, compiler and editor.


She shared her experience at the scientific conferences, seminars, roundtables and other events.

The reports highlighted wide range of current issues and resonated with the audience.

Ms Kulaga enjoyed great authority among colleagues and administration. That’s why she was given a chance to visit Germany as part of a special tourist group, as well as to Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

Various letters of appreciations and a diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR attest to her competence and professionalism.

Upon reaching retirement age, Ms Kulaga took well-deserved rest in 1996.

The staff of the National Library of Belarus congratulates Ms Galina Kulaga on the anniversary and wishes health for many years, high spirits and inexhaustible enthusiasm!

Bibliology Research Department


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