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To the 90-Years Anniversary from the Birth Date of Inessa Alekseevna Sinicina, a Veteran of the National Library of Belarus, an Eminent Culture Figure

To the 90-Years Anniversary from the Birth Date of  Inessa Alekseevna Sinicina, a Veteran of the National Library of Belarus, an Eminent Culture Figure
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Inessa Alekseevna was born on August 13th, 1932 in the city of Staritsa, Kalininsky district (today – the Tver region), the Russian Federation.

In 1940 the girl went to the first form in one of the general schools of Leningrad. They had been forced to evacuate to Kuibyshev (Novosibirsk district), when the Great Patriotic War began and later on, due to the reason that Inessa’s father did not arrive from the frontline, they had to move in to Polotsk (Belarus) for permanent residence.

Having finished Polotsk general school in 1950, the girl entered Minsk pedagogical institute named after M. Gorky (today – Belarussian stated-owned pedagogical university named after M. Tank) on Library faculty.


When she finished school in August 1955, Inessa Alekseevna had been accepted as a librarian of Belarussian department of the Lenin’s BSSR state library (today – National library of Belarus). When she began her work experience, she had to giving it up due to family issues for several times. Thanking to high proficiency of I.A. Sinicina, she had been promoted as a head of the section of common reading rooms in 1965 and as a head of classification and catalogue arrangement section after four years.

Inessa Alekseevna in the center

In 1973, Inessa Alekseevna was promoted to a position of a director deputy for library operation by the order of the minister of culture of the BSSR. She had been working in the position for the next thirteen years.


The employees of the library and librarians of the Republic looked up to I.A. Sinicina. The colleagues remembers the time they have spent with her during the work and said that Inessa Alekseevna had been a high proficiency, initiative, creative manager who had spent a lot of time and efforts towards enhancing the users service, acquisitioning and arranging book stocks, reference-bibliographic work and working up a catalogue system and card files, as well as bringing up library personnel of the country.

Ludmila Vasilievna Skibina, who had worked under the authority of I.A. Sinicina, wrote in her memories, “Sinicina had attracted by her softness and delicacy. And her always friendly face could not help attracting everyone. Her sonant changeable laughter was easy to remember. When it was coming from behind, it was like a signal to smile in response.”

Inessa Alekseevna is on the left, 1972

Inessa Alekseevna contributed a lot in public life: she had been a member of All-union Lenin’s communist youth union and party bureau, chairman of local commission of the library’s trade union, had been elected as a member of the city council of the people’s deputies.

Inessa Alekseevna on the right

In 1982, I.A. Sinicina was awarded a honorable degree of the eminent culture figure by the order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR for high proficiency and achievements in profession. Inessa Alekseevna’s high proficiency was noted by a number of Honorable degrees: the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR, Ministry of culture of the BSSR and Belarussian republican culture trade union, Regional committee culture trade union, as well as anniversary medal “For Valiant Labor” and a symbol “For Excellent Work”.

“This had been the most remarkable person, who I met in my life. She was smart, kind, cheerful, and always smiling. I was happy to work along with her. All the good what I have I got from her”, says with respect and love Ludmila Nikolaevna Rabok today.

Inessa Alekseevna with Ludmila Nikolaevna Robak, 1982

I.A. Sinicina passed away in 1987 having left a bright trace not only in the history of the State-owned library of the BSSR named after V.I. Lenin, but in harts of those who were lucky to meet her.

By the chief librarian of the Library science department Olga Anatolievna Kakshinskaya.

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