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To the 85th anniversary from the birth date of a veteran of the National library of Belarus Tamara Egorovna Piseckaya

To the 85th anniversary from the birth date of a veteran of the National library of Belarus Tamara Egorovna Piseckaya
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Tamara Egorovna was born in 1937 in the village Vasylievka, Kruglyansk region, Mogilev district, in the family of farmworkers. She finished seven-form school in 1951 and had moved in to Chelyabinsk (Russia) three years after. A young Tamara has worked as an iron and steel founding worker there and then as a time-keeper in the turbine workshop of the Chelyabinsk heat and power station.

She returned to the motherland in 1954, and had worked as an assistant to the Belarusian writer, translator and dramaturgist Yanka Maur one year after.

In 1960, Tamara Egorovna entered part-time department of the Minsk state pedagogical institute named after A.M. Gorky (the Belarusian state pedagogical university named after M. Tank nowadays) the faculty of librarianship. She graduated from the institute in 1965 and was qualified as a librarian-bibliographer of higher proficiency.


Tamara Egorovna started her profession route in the chief library of the country in December 1960 as an assistant librarian. She had worked as a bookbinder, a library technician, a librarian, a leading librarian.

She remembered the beginning of her working experience with a kind of a warm attitude, “So, I was assigned to work in the book depository. The first position was a bookbinder. I was excited by the smell of the books and by the people in the book depository: everybody knows everything. And, besides, I was impressed by household environment. It was very interesting for me to come to work and everything there was close to me…”

In 1977 T.E. Piseckaya became the head of Periodical and continuing publication section of the book depository department where she had worked for 15 years until she retired in 1992.

According to the materials from the personal file of Tamara Egorovna in a given period, “Tamara Egorovna performs a large amount of the work on arranging, placing and cleaning the stock from duplicated and incidental literature. She is demanding to herself and to employees, empathetic, detail-oriented and diligent at work, very disciplined. She is very good at moral building activities in the staff members; she is a chairperson of the library’s community court and a mentor of the youth…”

Tamara Egorovna was awarded more than a few times with medals “For distinguished labour”, “Veteran of labour”, “For valorous labour” on the 100th anniversary of the birth date of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, honored degrees of the Ministry of culture of the BSSR for her proficiency in work.


Tamara Egorovna Piseckaya passed away in 2020.

Read about veterans and employees of the National Library of Belarus in the section "Our History: a Portrait Gallery".

By Ekaterina Sedneva, a leading librarian of the Library science department.


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