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November 24 marks the 80th anniversary of Ms Tamara Radevich, a veteran of the National Library of Belarus, a highly qualified specialist in the field of library services

November 24 marks the 80th anniversary of Ms Tamara Radevich, a veteran of the National Library of Belarus, a highly qualified specialist in the field of library services
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Ms Radevich was born in Minsk to a family of an office employee. When the Great Patriotic War began, Tamara's father went to the front, and his mother and family had to evacuate to the Urals. Like many Belarusians, the girl survived all the horrors of war.

In 1946, Tamara's family returned to Minsk for permanent residence. After graduating from secondary school, she entered the Minsk Library College named after A.S. Pushkin. In 1958, after graduation, she was hired by the BSSR State Library named after V.I. Lenin (now the National Library of Belarus), where she built her career from Assistant Librarian to Head of the Department of Processing and Catalogues. Combining work and study, Tamara graduated from the Minsk State Pedagogical Institute named after Maxim Gorky in 1966 with specialization "Library Science and Bibliography" (now the Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank).

Ms Radevich gave her entire professional life to the National Library of Belarus. In her workbook in the column "Information about hiring ..." there is only one entry: "BSSR State Library named after V.I. Lenin".


Whichever work Ms Radevich took, each time she proved herself as an initiative worker and an excellent specialist. Excellent knowledge and experience allowed her to lead the Sector of the Consolidated Catalogue of the Belarusian Book in 1974. Among the important achievements of Ms Radevich was the consolidated printed catalogue "The Book of Belarus" (1517-1917)." She prepared the first and second part of it for printing, elaborated an instruction on the description of books, which became a methodical tool for subsequent generations of bibliographers and was then actively used in the creation of an electronic catalogue of Belarusian retrospectives, as well as in the editing of the general official alphabetical catalogue.


Tactfulness and kindness combined with insistence on high standards, responsibility and scrupulousness - these and other positive qualities of Ms Radevich contributed to the fact that from March 24, 1983, she was transferred to the position of Head of the Department of Processing and Catalogues. Using all her accumulated experience and deep knowledge of library services, giving her all to her vocation, Ms Radevich carried out highly professional editorial work and advised specialists of the country on the issues of bibliographic description and catalogue management.

Ms Radevich's colleagues remember her with gratitude. She is remembered as a principled, demanding to herself and her subordinates professional.

Ms Radevich enjoyed great authority and respect among the library administration/ This is evidenced by the fact that in 1982 she was recommended to the special tourist group of the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR to visit Czechoslovakia.

Ms Radevich had worked as Head of the Department of Processing and Catalogues for more than 13 years. Since 1996, having reached retirement age, she continued her professional career in the same structural division as a librarian.

Ms Radevich carried out a lot of public work: she was repeatedly elected a member of the local committee, a people's juror, the chairperson of the society of book lovers, a member of the catalogue commission, etc.


Ms Radevich is a sensitive, sympathetic, conscientious and a very talented person. Her professionalism and creative merits did not go unnoticed: she has a number of thanks from the Library; in 1997 she was awarded the Honorary Badge of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus.

On September 3 2007, she went on a well-deserved rest.


The staff of the National Library of Belarus wholeheartedly congratulates Ms Radevich on her anniversary and wishes her good health, long life and inexhaustible vital energy!

Bibliology Research Department

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