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Happy 85th Birthday to Sviatlana Kaviazina, Veteran of the National Library of Belarus

Happy 85th Birthday to Sviatlana Kaviazina, Veteran of the National Library of Belarus
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Ms Sviatlana Kaviazina was born on January 1, 1937, in Minsk. Right after finishing school, she entered the Hrodna Culture and Education College, and after graduation worked for a short time as director of the Bierastavica District Culture House.

In 1956, she continued her professional education at the Belarusian State Institute of Theatre and Art (now the Belarusian State Academy of Arts), graduating as a drama and film actor. Until 1963, Sviatlana was employed by the Hrodna Regional Drama Theatre, and later, after moving to Minsk for permanent residence, she worked at the Belarusian National Theatre of Young Spectators (now the Belarusian State Academic Theatre of Young Spectators).

In 1964, destiny brought Mr Kaviazina to the State Library of the BSSR named after I. V.I. Lenin, where she was accepted as a librarian in the arts section.

She recalled this time in her life: "Due to circumstances, I came to work in the library without any special education. Although I had a general idea and not just from a reader perspective... I was brought to the library by my former deputy director Iryna Sankava, my teacher, a wonderful woman..."

In 1966, the section was reorganised into the Art Department. Ms Kaviazina worked in this department until her retirement. As a Senior Bibliographer, she was very fruitful in reference work, gathering material for productions and films, organizing evenings and meetings with representatives of the Belarusian theatre and cinema, and arranging literary exhibitions dedicated to them.

She compiled the monthly information list "Culture and Arts in the BSSR" and the annual publication "Litaratura i Mastactva of the BSSR". Her work "The image of our contemporaries in the theatres of Belarus", published as a supplement to the "New Books of BSSR", as well as an independent edition, was highly appreciated by specialists of theatrical art in 1972.


Ms Kaviazina spent a lot of time promoting Belarusian art: she made reports at conferences, presented literature reviews on television and radio, published articles on repertoire bibliography in the periodicals, conducted thematic talks at schools, thus educating the artistic taste of the younger generation.

Because of her professional duties, she maintained close ties with creative organizations, the leaders of children's amateur art groups, teachers of singing and drawing in general educational institutions. The bibliography "Belarusian Composers for Children" prepared by Ms Kaviazina became a great help for music teachers in their work on introducing Belarusian musical culture to schoolchildren.

In 1989, she published her bibliographical index "The Formation and Development of Directing in Belarusian Dramatic Theatres (1841–1970)". For the first time, it summarizes materials revealing the work of the directors who stood at the origins of the national art of directing and who made a significant contribution to its development. For many years, since 1991, Ms Kaviazina contributed to the development of the reference bibliography "Belarusian Language, Literature, and Arts".


Sviatlana's professional activities were always closely linked to the public life of the library – she was the organizer and director of amateur art activities, for which she received many commendations from the library administration.

"...The library staff lived an interesting life and knew not only how to work, but also how to have a great time. We organized concerts, family events... I think our parties... were a great example of family companionship, which bonded the team and had a positive impact on the work...", as she recalled the informal side of library life.

She was well respected and valued by her colleagues and administration, as evidenced by what the staff said about her: "...She is remarkably feminine and artistic, witty, charming... In short, a beautiful, intelligent and good person."

Ms Kaviazina's professionalism was honoured with numerous awards at various levels: Certificates of Merit of the Regional Committee of the Trade Union of Cultural Workers (1968), the Ministry of Education of the BSSR, the Ministry of Culture of the BSSR and the Belarusian Republican Committee of the Trade Union of Cultural Workers (1986), a medal "Veteran of Labour". Sviatlana was awarded the title "Best in Profession" for her achievements.

In 1992, after reaching retirement age, Ms Kaviazina retired, having worked in the library for almost 30 years.


In retrospect, this is what she said about her choice of the professional path: "I don't know what my later life would have been like if I hadn't worked with the friendly staff of the library and, in particular, in the art department. We fed off the ideas, demands and queries of our readers and grew creatively and professionally thanks to them. "

The staff of the National Library of Belarus congratulates Ms Sviatlana Kaviazina on her anniversary and sincerely wishes her long life, good health and vitality. May your every day be filled with joy and light, may your home be a cosy place, and may your mind be filled with harmony and peacefulness!

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