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Newspaper Age: Pages of Time. Scene of a New World

Newspaper Age: Pages of Time. Scene of a New World
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The cultural life on the pages of Belarusian newspapers 1918–1919. We continue the co-project of the newspaper «Sovetskaya Belorussiya – Belarus Segodnya» and the National Library of Belarus.

Any social changes inevitably are followed by serious adjustment of the cultural landscape. What did it look like in the Belarusian interpretation? Here is a small slice of cultural history drawn from the richest source of information: the Belarusian newspapers of 1918–1919.

In previous epochs, it was the theater that became one of the “main” revolutionary arts. Maybe because every revolutionary epoch and the revolution itself first of all is always some kind of representation, performance. The turbulent beginning of the twentieth century, when the real life began to look like a theater, and theater became life itself, is not an exception.

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