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Video Archive of the Latest Research on Zhirovichi and Belarusian Books

Video Archive of the Latest Research on Zhirovichi and Belarusian Books
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The National Library of Belarus has opened access to the video archive of the latest research on Zhirovichi and Belarusian books on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Zhirovichi monastery, celebrated today.

May 20 marks the day of the Zhirovichi miraculous icon of the Mother of God. 550 years passed since the miraculous appearance of the famous icon and 500 years ago the Zhirovichi Monastery was founded. While the main celebrations have been postponed in Zhirovichi, the National Library of Belarus prepared a present specifically for the anniversary.

Today, online access to the video archive is open for everyone interested. It includes video recordings of speeches by famous domestic and foreign scientists, their presentations, reports, photo documents and other valuable materials that reveal previously unknown pages of our common past.

The video archive was based on the materials of the ХVІ International Book Readings, which were dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Zhirovichi Monastery and Library. The scientific forum was held on May 15, 2020, in the form of a real-time video conference with the possibility of wide communication.

It is symbolic that this year the Book Readings are dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the founding of the famous Zhirovichi Monastery and Library. Monasteries have long been centers of culture and book publishing – here books were rewritten and printed, the first libraries and schools were created. For five centuries, the best examples of the book, art, musical culture of our people, intellectual monuments were created and stored, secular and clerical educational institutions operated at the Zhirovichi monastery.

The video archive is available on the Youtube channel and will continue to be replenished in the future.

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Museum Classes for Schoolchildren

6 Sep 2021

A new academic year has begun, and museum classes dedicated to the history of book culture, contributing to the popularization of the national book heritage and increasing the cultural potential of the younger generation, are actively held in the museum of books.

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15 Striking Rarities

6 Sep 2021

An opening of the exhibition "5+5+5", timed to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the Museum, will take place in the Book Museum on September 9 at 4 pm.

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New Edition of "Zdabytki"

7 Sep 2021

The 24th issue of the scientific articles collection "Zdabytki (Achievements): Documentary Monuments of Belarus" has been published. The collection is the leading scientific publication in the field of bibliology and is recommended to everyone interested in Belarusian and world book heritage.

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