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I See It with My Heart: The Third Round of the Exhibition Project Timed to the Year of the Native Land in Belarus

I See It with My Heart: The Third Round of the Exhibition Project Timed to the Year of the Native Land in Belarus
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The opening of a new exposition of the photo project by the "Belarus 24" TV channel "I See It with My Heart" was held on August 16 the Library.

The third stage of the exhibition project of the National Library of Belarus "The Native Land, the Tale of Times" represents the works made by 8 Belarusian photographers, acquainting visitors with their vision and perception of their native country. 40 photos give an opportunity to see an unexpected Belarus through their photos. It will be presented under the angle of sincere children's emotions, cities and the most beautiful Belarusian landscapes from a bird's-eye view, in virgin nature and modern buildings.

Photo artist Vlad Sokolovsky has depicted Belarusian unusual landscapes with wild animals and mysterious nature. Photographer Ekaterina Mitina has shown in his works Belarus through children's eyes and sincere smile. World of family and world of pets have been opened by Yulia Voynich. You can also "fly" over the city due to Dmitry Vazhnik who represented our country with a bird's-eye view. You can see the beautiful, modern and high-tech Minsk through the photos Andrey Semenkov. Maxim Weize has showed all the beauty of Belarusian spaces in minimalist landscapes. The works of photographer Ilya Sharmanov reflect the cultural and sporting life of the country through significant and interesting events and activities. The works made by Sergey Gapon represent a fine line between reportage and landscape photos.

The exhibition project "The Native Land, the Tale of Times" is being implemented in several step during the year.

Within the framework of the project the largest collection of postcards of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century with Belarusian cities and towns and books by V.A. Likhodedov, which has no analogues in the world.

An information-documentary exhibition “The Locals” will open in the circular corridor on the 3rd floor. More than 300 thematic publications tell about the outstanding educators, diplomats, commanders, astronauts, inventors, cultural figures and sportsmen who were born in Belarus and gained great achievements outside Belarus, due to their talents and skills.

The ceremony was attended by Elena Dolgopolova, the First Deputy Director of the National Library of Belarus, Alexander Martynenko, the General Director of TV channel "Belarus 24", Julia Voynich, photo artist, winner of the photography contest, a spokesman for Epson, Maxim Plotnikov, a technical partner of the project. Eduard Kuznetsov, the Deputy of Minsk City Council of Deputies, a member of the Republican public association "Belaya Rus" expressed his gratitude to the participants of the exhibition project "The Native Land, the Tale of Times" and handed gifts to the organizers of the exhibition.

You can see the photo exhibition “I See It with My Heart” and to vote for the most preferred work till November, 2018.

The end date of the exhibition may be changed.

For more info: +375 (17) 266 37 37, 293 28 23.

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