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Discover Karatkievich the Artist at the Exhibition "Principality of Images and Words"

Discover Karatkievich the Artist at the Exhibition "Principality of Images and Words"
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The Library will host the exhibition "The Principality of Images and Words" timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the classic of the Belarusian literature Uladzimir Karatkievich on November 26.

The National Library of Belarus and the Belarusian Union of Artists have prepared the exhibition.

Karatkievich the Artist, according to his friend, Rygor Baradulin, could compete with Karatkievich the Writer: “he could convey the character, either in a romantic and loving or mocking and grotesque manner with just a few strokes”. The artist has created more than 600 images. In drawings on a historical theme, he accurately traced the details of the costume, weapons, silhouettes and characteristic features of the heroes. These images helped when working on the imagery of the text.

Visitors will have a unique opportunity to see the author's sketches for the story "King Stakh's Wild Hunt", manuscripts of the poem "Farewell to the Motherland", a homemade envelope and a letter to a friend Iosif Khawratovich (from his private collection). The exhibition will also display anniversary, rare and exclusive editions of pieces by Uladzimir Karatkievich from the collections of the National Library of Belarus.

Fans of the elite direction of book art "Livre d'artiste" will truly enjoy the exclusive materials created by the famous book graphic artist Pavel Tatarnikaw and calligrapher Viktar Sawchanka entirely by hand in a single copy of "Poem of Sycamore and Guelder Rose".

Viewers will find original graphic illustrations by Arlen Kashkurevich, Mikhail Basalyga, Yuri Yakavenka and others to world-famous novels and stories, fairy tales and poems by Uladzimir Karatkievich, such as the novel “Christ has Landed in Grodno”, the stories “King Stakh's Wild Hunt”, “The Boat of Despair” and others.

The images that have long become personal vivid memories of readers, words that have become popular expressions will appear on etchings, colour auto-lithographs and drawings by Belarusian artists, building the "Principality of Images and Words" - a graphic monument to the artistry of the Belarusian classic.

The grand opening of the exhibition "Principality of Images and Words" will begin at 5 pm in the Mobile Gallery (3rd floor).

Admission is free on the event day. On other days – admission is by the library card or by the ticket of the library's Social and Cultural center.

The exhibition will be on show until April 01, 2021.
The end date is subject to change.

Phones for inquiries: (+375 17) 266 37 37, 293 28 33, 293 28 81.


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