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What Can Book Lovers Do When They Have No Energy to Read?

What Can Book Lovers Do When They Have No Energy to Read?
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Palina Dolia

We all get tired. Busy schedules, deadlines, stress, emotional overload, and other trivial things in life sometimes rob us of any desire to pursue even our favourite hobby – and that's normal. Especially if your hobby is reading. Sometimes it's worth taking a break from devouring fictional stories and do something else that won't make you any less of a book lover. Here are seven very bookish activities – and it's not even reading.

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Yes, audiobooks are also a kind of reading, they can also overload your brain. So leave behind all the big forms and switch to poetry! The Internet is full of audio recordings (and even videos) of poets reading their own works. They read it the way they felt when they were writing them: heartfelt, emotional, and very captivating. It's also a great way to combine it with a visit to the National Library, which is a great place to listen to a lot of really rare recordings. For example, an amazing collection of poems by Sylvia Plath, read by her. Or a huge selection of American and British poetry – from T.S. Elliot to Charles Bukowski. It's a perfect opportunity to take a little break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the voices of the past.

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Although the number of cultural events is now somewhat decreasing, you can still find something interesting in the list of events. Attend a book presentation (even if you're not familiar with the author's work), listen to a lecture, or join a book club. This is a great chance to feel like a part of the reading community. Maybe even meet someone who shares your literary tastes! So put aside your shyness and go ahead, to book events, for new knowledge and fresh impressions. And if you don’t know where to start, drop by the National Library. There's always plenty of activities here.

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Even if you're not in the mood for reading now, you'll still come back to books at some point, which means you need the most appropriate place to do so. No, not the library this time. Such a corner should be equipped at home – we deserve our own little reading den. Pull your favourite armchair close to the bookshelves, put on a lamp, throw on a warm blanket. Maybe a couple of candles or notes with favourite quotes is just the right thing to decorate your corner. Listen to your heart and make your reading space what you want it to be. Even if it doesn't look too perfect. Comfort is the most important thing in this business.

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You don't have to wait until spring to do a little tidying up of your bookcases. You probably have a lot of chaotically arranged books bought over the course of a year (and never opened since). Time to sort! Immerse yourself in memories by sorting through long-read stories and shelving them the way you like In alphabetical order? Great. By genre? Excellent! Colour-wise? Yes, this is also possible, and this is not at all a sign of frivolity. We've got a whole article on sorting in which we set aside prejudices and discuss all the options for keeping books on shelves in general, so be sure to check it out before you start the big task.

If in the process of cleaning you suddenly find books that don't resonate with your heart or are taking up too much space on the shelf, it's time to put them into new hands. Maybe the nearest library is just in need of new arrivals? It's a great way to be not only a true book lover but also a good person.

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Perhaps this is one of the easiest ways to take a break from reading without alienating yourself from literature. Even if your favourite story hasn't yet been adapted, that's no reason to give up and not watch a film at all. Try to choose a film based on a book you haven't read yet! And then, of course, read it. In the future, The indefinite future.

An option for film enthusiasts: become a true critic and have a themed marathon. What is required for that? Step one: choose a classic piece of literature that you have already read. Step two: find all his film adaptations. Step three: have a film marathon and compare, compare, compare. Who played Hamlet best? Which Anna Karenina came out the most believable? Make your own imaginary rating and feel like an expert the next time someone brings up the subject of film adaptations of this book in conversation and realize how knowledgeable you are on the subject.

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Books often leave an imprint on our hearts in the form of catchy phrases, unusual catchphrases and inspirational speeches. Collect them! Remember what touched you, flick through the books and write a few phrases in your notebook; even if they're not motivational and, instead of inspiring, give a slight aftertaste of bitterness, it's worth keeping something so special. The quotes will be erased from memory, but not from the notebook. Besides, they can always be used in the future. For example, to add them to greeting cards or even make Valentine's cards with your favourite love quotes. After all, you can always simply decorate your book corner with your favourite phrases! There's plenty of room for imagination.

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You don't have to be a culinary genius to indulge in something delicious and highly themed. Food and books go great together! Not at the same time, but still. Few books do without mentioning various dishes and describing how delicious they are. So remember which book made you drool and go ahead and conquer the culinary heights! You might not be able to make a butterbeer from the Harry Potter books, but you're certainly good at fried green tomatoes from the Whistle Stop Cafe.

Don't force yourself to read if the printed characters are already starting to make you sick. Just listen to your heart, the advice of the National Library and remain a book lover, even if you don’t have the strength to read at all.

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