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Travel Through the Pages of our History
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by Jana Paliashchuk

"The Historical Atlas of Belarus" was published, it reflected the history of our country in detail in the maps.

In early June, "Belkartography" introduced the new "The Historical Atlas of Belarus". It was prepared on the basis of the unique four-volume edition "The Unabridged Historical Atlas of Belarus" published in 2008-2019. The first volume was printed 10 years ago. During this time, historical science has been enriched with new data and findings. This made the new edition more accurate and up-to-date, using already developed mapping materials and conceptual approaches. The new atlas includes more than 300 maps reflecting the entire history of Belarus. 


"The Historical Atlas of Belarus" consists of four parts that reveal the relevant historical periods: from the appearance of the first people in our country to the Lublin Union, from the creation of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth to 1795, from the accession of the Belarusian lands to the Russian Empire to the beginning of 1917, as well as the period of the formation of the Belarusian national statehood in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The edition shows military-political events, administrative-territorial transformations, socio-economic development and spiritual and cultural life of society. Here you can find answers to many questions about the past of Belarus. By the way, the edition is presented not only in the paper version, but also digital one. A digital version of the historic atlas in English is also planned for the future.


Atlas is designed for a wide range of readers. It can be especially interesting for teachers of higher and secondary special institutions, teachers of general education schools, students and schoolchildren, as well as all those who are deeply interested in the history of our country, engaged in scientific research.

The author's team of the publication was compiled by authoritative experts of Belarusian history. Among them are scientists of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, employees of the historical faculty of the Belarusian State University, specialists of the Belarusian Research Center for Electronic Documentation, the National Historical and National Archives of our country, specialists of the Center for Research of Belarusian Culture, Language and Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and other scientific organizations.

The previous edition of the "The Unabridged Historical Atlas of Belarus" is available through our e-catalogue. The new "The Historical Atlas of Belarus" will also soon appear in the national library's collections.

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