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Famous writers and their crazy daily routines

30 Mar 2021

How does your day begin? The howl of an alarm clock, a whistling kettle, the noise of a crowded bus, the click of a turnstile in the subway ... It's sad to admit, but everyday life is everyday life - our daily routines are usually simple, prosaic and similar to each other like two drops of water. But for people from the world of creativity, isn't everything different? Writing isn't waiting for you in the office from nine to six, it's always with you. So how can you live if work does not leave you for a minute, and inspiration is ready to slip away at any moment? Let's take the liberty of taking a look at how famous writers of the past lived – point by point and by hour.

Author's Point of View

Books written in the second-person: all the pros and cons

16 Mar 2021

If writers have unspoken rules, one of them almost certainly sounds like "don't write in the second person." After all, such an appeal to the reader looks at least specific, as a maximum it is uncomfortable, it is better not to risk it. But is it worth it to be so categorical about this technique? Well, let's find out!

Author's Point of View


Paliessie Photo Tour

14 May 2021

The opening of a photo exhibition "Birds of Paliessie" will take place in the "Panarama" Gallery (22nd floor) on May 19 at 5 p.m.

The Red Book

13 May 2021

An exhibition "The Red Book" will be on show in the Book Museum since May 13. The main exhibit will be an art book by young Belarusian artists Marina Zhvirblia and Fiodar Shurmeleu.

The Great Patriotic War in Fiction

6 May 2021

On May 9, our country celebrates a landmark holiday – Victory Day. A book exhibition "The Great Patriotic War in Fiction", organized together with the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus is timed to this event.