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An Incredible Story of Book... Stealing

30 Apr 2021

Reading has never been a cheap hobby. Just think how much you've spent in your entire life on your home library, a part of which you have never even read! Prices keep going up; the wallet becomes empty at the sheer sight of price tags in a bookstore. So what's to be done? Should you just sneak the coveted book on the sly, while no one sees? It's time to get on the slippery slope of crime… and immediately get off it, because stealing a book is immoral and reprehensible. Without a long introduction, let's finally talk about book stealing.

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Wheel, hell, death: the wonderful world of book curses

26 Apr 2021

Have you ever lost your library book? If so, then, in addition to an incredible sense of shame, you also received a small fine or a requirement to replace the loss with an exact copy. And you got off easy! Even some five hundred years ago, the loss or even theft of a book could seriously jeopardize the integrity of your mind and body. Today we will continue the topic raised in the previous article and talk about the most unusual way to protect a book from being stolen by an intruder. About the curse.

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Plays: How to Read Them, and Most Importantly – What For

21 Apr 2021

No matter how much advanced you are as a reader, no matter how many tons of books you absorb, almost certainly one genre of literature has slipped out of your sight. Plays! We have quite a vague idea about them – there are a lot of dialogues, few descriptions, a conversation with the skull of a jester… We often perceive plays as preparatory material for staging, as if only directors with actors should open them. But what if I told you that everyone can read plays? Sit back and warm up your vocal cords – we are starting!

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Nothing is Sacred: Why Reading Over Your Shoulder Annoys You

20 Apr 2021

It happened to each of us. You cram into a crowded subway car, you can hardly find a free space to fit at least your head, a book is in your hands, you open it – after all, you stopped at the most interesting moment, how can you not read it? That is when it happens. Someone else's curious glance slides over the pages, the uninvited reader almost puffs in your – what an audacity! Although... What's the big deal? Why does a glance at someone else's book, thrown by a fellow passenger, awaken so much anger and irritation in us? Let's try to figure out.

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7 Books About North Korea that will Surprise You

16 Apr 2021

What do we know about North Korean literature? In fact, almost nothing. What about literature about the country itself? The National Library is full of amazing books on the subject that have become rare in stores or have disappeared altogether. Fasten your seat belts: we are starting a long journey to the most mysterious country of our time.

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Missing Girls: The Story Trope We Need

15 Apr 2021

The disappearance move is almost more common in detective stories and thrillers than finding a dead body in a locked room or investigating serial murders. The main character follows in the footsteps of the lost lover, daughter or close friend, revealing more and more secrets that filled her life along the way. Fascinatingly, isn’t it? Certainly. Just pay attention: the statistics of such literary disappearances has a significant gender preponderance. So why does a woman disappear in every book? Let's take a look at the history of one of the most popular tropes in modern detective fiction.

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The Art of Sorting: How to Organize your Bookshelves and Stay Sane

8 Apr 2021

Take a look at your bookshelf. Closer. What does it remind you of? An uneven row of books of all sizes and colours? Perfectly even row, where everything is arranged exactly in alphabetical order? Chaotically volumes thrown on each other mixed with postcards and magazine inserts? Whatever is in your bookcase, you've probably thought about sorting it at least once. Home libraries always look flawless in photographs and in movies – if only it were like this at home! It's time to dust off the spines and learn about ways to tidy up your bookshelves. And to figure out how the National Library is doing it.

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A Brief History of Reading in Four Acts with Interludes

3 Apr 2021

Arguably, the history of reading is the most curious and non-standard element of book culture, because the process is so natural! We wonder about the origins of book spines, bookmarks, capital letters and archetypal plots, but what about reading itself? From clay tablets to libraries, from reading aloud to speed reading: a fascinating story was under our own very noses all this time. It's time to dig into it.

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The Great Patriotic War in Fiction

6 May 2021

On May 9, our country celebrates a landmark holiday – Victory Day. A book exhibition "The Great Patriotic War in Fiction", organized together with the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus is timed to this event.

No Statute of Limitations

3 May 2021

We invite you to the exhibition "No Statute of Limitations" in the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Department (164) from May 3 to May 28.