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The mysterious strength of flowers: flowers in fine arts

The mysterious strength of flowers

The mysterious strength of flowers
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From 7th March, users have access to a permanent virtual exhibition "The mysterious strength of flowers”.

From the most ancient times flowers had played the important role in human life. It manifests in myths, folklore, religious texts and arts.

Besides flowers give people aesthetic pleasure, they also are widely used in medicine, perfumery, and even as food. Flowers are able to awake the emotional response in the human soul. In fact, by means of flowers people sometimes try to show some feelings which are difficult to be expressed with words.

The exposition includes books, periodicals, reproductions, postcards from the collections of the National Library of Belarus. This is about 100 sources which are systematized in six thematic sections, including editions on floriculture, flower design, herbs, painting etc. Materials of the section dedicated to the technology of creation of flower compositions are especially interesting.

The virtual exhibition “The mysterious strength of flowers” is prepared by employees of the Fine and visual arts section of the Special collection division.

When visiting the Library you can order and read a needed edition in the Fine arts reading room (3rd floor, room 306). To get an advice on document search and order, please, ask librarians in the reading room.

Call for further information: (+375 17) 293 27 53.


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