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The great plasticity of small forms

The great plasticity of small forms
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Since 27 January, starts a virtual permanent exhibition “The great plasticity of small forms” dedicated to the 60th birth anniversary of Belarusian sculptor and master of the city sculpture Vladimir Zhbanov.

Vladimir Zhbanov (1954–2012) is known as the King of the city sculpture. Both Belarusians and tourists are fond of his compositions The Unknown, A Girl with an Umbrella, A Lady with a Dog, An Astrologer and many other. People take pictures with them, climb on them, hug them, tap them on the shoulder and give them nicknames.

The sculptor’s works adorn not only our capital city. His sculptures are in Mogilev, Lida, Bobruisk, Glubokoye and other Belarusian as well as foreign cities.

A virtual exposition “The great plasticity of small forms” consisting of four sections presents biographic data about Vladimir Zhbanov, slides with the most known works of the master, books and graphic documents, and also selected articles about the sculptor and his creativity.

The virtual exhibition is prepared by employees of the Documents on fine art and theatrical art section of the Special Collections Division.

When visiting the Library you can get related editions in the Fine arts reading room (room 306). If you need a consultation on search and order of electronic documents, please ask librarians in the reading room.

For more information, please, call: (375 17) 293 27 53.

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6 Aug 2019

The city of Minsk was first mentioned in The Tale of Bygone Years, relating to the events of 1067. By decree of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Alexander, on March 14, 1499 Minsk, like other big cities, received the Magdeburg Law, and on January 12, 1591 the city was granted its own coat of arms: the image of Our Lady on a blue background between two angels and cherubs.

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