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Preservation of Biological Diversity: Problems, Tasks, Prospects

Preservation of Biological Diversity: Problems, Tasks, Prospects
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“Preservation of Biological Diversity: Problems, Tasks, Prospects”, the exhibition by Virtual Center for the Activities of International Organizations is on the portal of the National Library of Belarus on May 14. The exhibition is dedicated to the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB).

The main task of the IDB is to draw attention of the public to the problem of the irreversible extinction of many representatives of flora and fauna on Earth and once again remind the entire world community of the need to take urgent and decisive measures to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity at the international, national and local levels.

The UN General Assembly proclaimed May 22 as IDB (№ A/RES/55/201 Resolution), to commemorate the adoption of the text of the Convention on 22 May 1992 by the Nairobi Final Act of the Conference for the Adoption of the Agreed Text of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Convention is an international legal instrument the three main objectives of which are the conservation of biodiversity, its sustainable use and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits associated with the use of genetic resources. Presently, this document has been ratified by 196 countries.

Biological diversity is a term used to describe the diversity of life on Earth in all its manifestations. The biodiversity that exists today is the result of evolution, lasting billions of years under the influence of natural processes and under the ever-increasing influence of anthropogenic factors. Biodiversity forms a "web of life", an integral part of which is humanity, depending on it.

The decline in biological diversity is the result of the human activity and a serious threat to economic development. Biodiversity continues to fall, despite the active efforts made over the past 20 years, due to factors such as the destruction of the natural habitat, over-exploitation of natural resources, pollution of water and soil, and the introduction of invasive alien species.

Recognizing the importance of preserving global biodiversity and understanding that urgent and decisive action is required to protect genetic resources, species and ecosystems, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2010 the International Year for Biodiversity on December 20, 2006 (resolutions 61/203). The Assembly called on to protect and rationally use the nature of our planet and to join efforts in preserving its ecosystems and protecting especially valuable objects of nature.

The UN member states adopted the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in September 2015. It consists of 17 main Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals of ending biodiversity loss and promoting sustainable use of ecosystems were included in Goal 15.

The problem of preservation of biological diversity is an important issue in the environmental policy of the Republic of Belarus. Our state is aware of the importance of combining international efforts in solving the globally significant environmental problems of the world. Belarus ratified the Convention on Biological Diversity in June 1993. Promising priority directions for the implementation of the convention were identified in the “National Strategy and Plan of Action for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Biological Diversity of the Republic of Belarus”. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and other interested state bodies are constantly working in the areas outlined by the national strategy.

The exhibition will introduce users to biodiversity documents, including materials on international legislation in the field of biodiversity preservation, reports and reviews of the UN and other international organizations, research materials on the study and protection of biodiversity, national reports and environmental performance assessments in the Republic of Belarus, literature , which provides a lot of interesting information about the relationship between humanity and nature, tasks in the field of biodiversity conservation of endangered species of flora and fauna.

The virtual exhibition presents 65 documents from the library collections in Russian and English: books, brochures, booklets. These documents will help to draw attention of the general public to the global problem of biodiversity preservation, to deepen understanding of the issues of its study and use, as well as to increase awareness of the ecological situation on our planet.

A bibliographic description, annotation, and a pdf file with a table of contents are given for each document. The exposition includes the following thematic sections:

  • Biodiversity is the basis of life on Earth
  • Assessment, monitoring and biodiversity conservation strategies
  • International cooperation in the field of biodiversity preservation. Regulatory documents for the conservation of biodiversity and the environment
  • Biological diversity of the Republic of Belarus
  • The study, conservation and use of the biodiversity of forest ecosystems, plants and animals Preservation of biodiversity of endangered species of flora and fauna
  • Biodiversity and sustainable agriculture

The exhibition will be interesting to students and graduate students of environmental, biological and geographical specialties, specialists in the field of nature management and environmental protection, scientists, as well as everyone who is interested in the problem of preserving the biological diversity of our planet.

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