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“Zarifa Aliyeva” book presentation

“Zarifa Aliyeva” book presentation
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On 2 December, at the galley “Labyrinth” took place the presentation of the publicistic book by Gusseinbala Miralamov “Zarifa Aliyeva” published in the Belarusian language.

The event was arranged by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Belarus and the National Library of Belarus.

The book by writer and deputy of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Gusseinbala Miralamov of series “Lives of Eminent People” is dedicated to well-known research worker, prominent scientist, ophthalmologist and academician Zarifa khanum Aliyeva. The story about this outstanding woman’s life is based on archival materials and memoirs of her closest friends. Photographs adding to the book help to reveal better the protagonist’s individuality.

In the event participated: Ambassador of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Belarus Isfandiar Vagabadze; First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belarus Igor Petrishenko; author, deputy of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Gusseinbala Miralamov; director of the National Library of Belarus Roman Motulsky; chairman of the council for social policy of the Parliament of Azerbaijan, member of the workgroup for Azerbaijan-Belarus inter-Parliamentary relations Khady Radzhabli, chairman of the non-government organization “Congress of Azerbaijan Communities” Natik Bagirov; M.D., ophthalmologist Sergey Poznyak, and representatives of Belarusian diplomatic corps, state structures and mass media.

Within the framework of the event author Gusseinbala Miralamov presented to the National Library of Belarus the book “Zarifa Aliyeva” with his autograph.


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