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The National Library's Information Resources Were Persented in Mogilev

The National Library's Information Resources Were Persented in Mogilev
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On November 15, Mogilev State University named after Arkadz Kuleshov hosted a workshop on the usage options of the National Library’s information resources in higher education.

Tatyana Kuzminich, the deputy director for information resources, told the audience about corporate projects of our library. She presented the options of the Consolidated electronic catalog of libraries of Belarus, the electronic resource “National Bibliography”, and the database “Scientists of Belarus”, the projects that the National Library creates together with the leading libraries of the country. These information resources are designed to combine and preserve the valuable information about the documentary heritage of Belarus, the development of national science and the contribution of Belarusian scientists to world science.

Today, the development of education and science is impossible without using international experience and the latest achievements in all spheres of human activity. Another corporate project of the National Library – the virtual reading room (VCS) – is designed to make this information accessible to every student, teacher and scholar. The VCS offers to subscribers the world’s best information resources from leading universities and scientific institutions. The databases present high-quality scientific and educational content, as well as information-analytical and scientometric tools for planning, evaluating and presenting the results of scientific activity.

The East View Platform provides access to a wide range of periodicals in all branches of knowledge in the Russian language. Dmitry Ushanov, the representative of IVIS Company, presented the usage options of the resource.

The seminar was attended by representatives of Mogilev State University named after Arkadz Kuleshov, Mogilev Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Mogilev University of Food, Belarusian-Russian University, and Mogilev Regional Library named after Lenin.


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