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Workshop devoted to local history of libraries

Workshop devoted to local history of libraries
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On 15 May, the international scientific-practical workshop "Local history of libraries: territory of great opportunities and prospects" took place at the National Library of Belarus.

The participants of the event were representatives of the National Library of Belarus, managers and specialists involved in local history and local bibliography from national, provincial, district and city libraries in Belarus, Kaliningrad regional scientific library (Russia), the National Library of Poland, the National Library of Israel, ans a local historian, an employee of Velizh Museum of historical and regional studies (Russia).

Director of the National Library of Belarus, Ph.D., Professor Roman Motulsky said a welcoming speech at the beginning of the workshop.

At the workshop there were discussed the following questions: problems of contemporary development of local bibliography, problems in the development of local bibliography in the context of formation of a national bibliographic resource of Belarus and the National Electronic Library, approaches to local bibliographication of documents in an electronic environment, the specificity of formation and use of local bibliographic service, local history reference and bibliographic service of regional libraries on the basis of the use of modern information technology. There were considered experience in the formation and use of local bibliographic indexes and databases. In addition, electronic presentations of local resources were demonstrated .

The speakers from the National Library of Belarus were Tatiana Kuzminich, a Candidate of pedagogic sciences, an associate professor, the Deputy Director for Information Resources; Olga Likhimovich, the Head of Scientific-Research Bibliography Division; Elena Malinovskaya, the head of information product development sector of Scientific-Research Bibliography Division; Elena Snigireva, a leading bibliographer of the Corporate Interaction Division; Irina Gryadovkina, a chief bibliographer of the Electronic Library Development Division.

There were presented reports by Valentina Kuvetskaya, a bibliographer of the National Library of Poland; Dr. Goldman Masha, an acquisition librarian of the fund in the Slavic languages of the department of collections of the National Library of Israel; Svetlana Postnikova, the head of the Center for Regional Studies, Rare Books, Manuscripts and Special Collections of Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library, Vladimir Polzik, an employee of Velizh Museum of historical and regional studies in Smolensk region.

The following participants of the workshop shared their experience in the field of local history: Angelica Gancharova, the Head of Regional Literature and Bibliography Department of Vitebsk Regional Library named after V.I. Lenin; Tamara Kalinina, the Head of Belarusian and Regional Literature Department of Mogilev Regional Library named after V.I. Lenin;Yury Maksimenko, the Deputy Director for Research of Gomel Regional Universal Library named after V.I. Lenin; Galina Shakhnovich, the Head of Children’s Library in Slutsk; Svetlana Koptik, I category librarian of Reading Room of Zhodino Central City Library. Postgraduate of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts Maria Volchek presented the report "The patriotic theme of local bibliographical grants of Belarusian regional libraries".

Within the framework of the workshop there was held a round table "Organizational and methodological aspects in the development of the regional bibliography of Belarus". Its participants were the representatives of regional, district and city libraries of Belarus. At the round table the employees of the National Library of Belarus offered approaches in the development of new normative documents in the field of local history of libraries. They also demonstrated specificity in the processing of a regional document. As a result of the meeting there was made the resolution, in which all decisions of the round table were stated.

There were organized within the framework of the workshop:

  • Presentation of electronic local information resources and editions on local history ;
  • Exhibition of printed editions which were devoted to local studies and taken from libraries;
  • Fair of printed matter of the National Library of Belarus;
  • Book exhibition "Local history of libraries: theory, history and practice";
  • Excursions at the National Library of Belarus for the workshop participants.


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