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Wiley Offering New Opportunities for Researchers in Belarus

Wiley Offering New Opportunities for Researchers in Belarus
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Wiley Is offering new opportunities for researchers in Belarus.

Wiley is one of the world’s top rated publishers, producing academic publications and peer-reviewed scientific periodicals in humanities, social sciences, exact sciences and medicine.

Authors from Belarus have an opportunity to publish their scientific papers in Wiley Open Access journals.

The National Library of Belarus provides access to a wide range of Wiley’s licensed publications for registered users.

With the Wiley platform, you can prepare, submit, publish and promote your articles for free.

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Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities

3 Dec 2019

“Legal and social protection of persons with disabilities,” an exhibition timed to the  International Day of Persons with Disabilities, runs in the international organizations reading room (207g), from 3 to 25 December.

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