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Roman Motulsky: “Literature is always different. Here, the time is the main judge, the filter and the criterion."

We’re Walking, Flying, Swimming

We’re Walking, Flying, Swimming
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On July 13, the children’s room hosted a creative class titled “We’re Walking, Flying, Swimming.”

You can take an adventure trip and overcome long distances by different types of transport. You can learn which of them is faster, easier and more interesting by solving puzzles and playing a game "Transport Evolution", in which you transform into a brave captain or a pilot.

Your final choice will be embodied in 3D applications, made of cardboard and paper.

Read more about the events that take place in the children's room.

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Sun Fruits

10 Aug 2020

Children’s Room held “Sun Fruits” master-class on August 8. The kids learned how to make colorful and juicy fruits in the single-glass window plasticine graphic technique.

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