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VRR Local Lore Resources for the Teachers of the Minsk Region

VRR Local Lore Resources for the Teachers of the Minsk Region
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The Virtual Reading Room of the National Library presented the resources for teachers of the Minsk region at the online seminar “Year of Native Land. Experience and Prospects for the Development of Local Lore Studying in Educational Institutions” on May 19. The presentation was organized by the Minsk Regional Institute for the Development of Education.

The seminar gathered more than 90 participants: representatives of government, teachers of general secondary, specialized secondary, additional education of children and youth from 23 regions of the capital region.

Ms Marina Rudakovskaya, Head of the Corporate Relations Department, presented for them the local lore content of the VRR: electronic resources created by the country's libraries, National Library generation databases and virtual projects, including a new project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War – "100 days to the Great Victory. Through the Pages the 1945 Belarusian Newspapers".

During the online presentation and subsequent communication, the seminar participants praised the initiative of the National Library to create a single point of remote access to the best local history electronic resources in our Virtual Reading Room.

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Dante's Immortal Poem

24 Nov 2021

"La commedia" (1307–1321), now known as The Divine Comedy, is a monumental epic work, a poetic encyclopaedia of the Early Renaissance. This is one of the most interesting pieces by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri and is featured in the exhibition “Dante's Divine Comedy.”

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