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Virtual Reading Room Presents an Information Resource about an Outstanding Scientist Born in Belarus

Virtual Reading Room Presents an Information Resource about an Outstanding Scientist Born in Belarus
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The collection of personal local history resources of organizations – partners of the National Library of Belarus was enriched with a new virtual project “Zhores Alferov: a Legend”.

The resource has been prepared by employees of the V.I. Lenin Vitebsk Regional Library on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Mr Zhores Alferov, physicist and Nobel Prize winner, whose scientific discoveries contributed to the creation of modern electronic devices and paved the way into the era of modern digital technologies.

In an effort to reveal the personality of the world-famous scientist from various aspects, the project creators presented factual and bibliographic information, photo and video materials, Internet resources about his life, scientific and social activities. A special focus has been given to the things that connected Mr Alferov with Belarus, including his small motherland – Vitebsk region.

The resource is available from the Virtual Reading Room and sections of Belarus in the Information Space web space(“Library Resources” and “The Year of Native Year”).

Mr Zhores Alferov, an honorary citizen of Minsk, Vitebsk and the Chashniki district of the Vitebsk region, holder of honorary awards of the Republic of Belarus, visited the National Library of Belarus in 2006. His works are presented in the collections of the main library of the country.

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Christophe Plantin Publishing Brand Design: A Look After 500 Years

1 Jun 2020

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the famous publisher Christophe Plantin, who founded a printing house in Antwerp and gradually turned it into one of the best in Europe in the 16th century. Many museums and libraries around the world are planning events to celebrate the anniversary of the publisher. The National Library of Belarus also prepared a number of actions to mark the anniversary.

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