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Virtual Methodical Consultation «Republican Contest "Library as the Center of National Culture": Organization and Execution»

Virtual Methodical Consultation «Republican Contest "Library as the Center of  National Culture": Organization and Execution»
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On February 21 the library hosted a virtual methodological consultation for employees of the Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. Lenin and Orsha central district library. The consultation was dedicated to the republican competition "Library as the Center of National Culture".

In 2019, the annual republican competition will be held for the 27th time. Today the competition is not only a confirmation of the exclusivity and individuality of libraries, a demonstration of some achievements, but also an exchange of experience, self-assessment of their work, opening of new horizons, attracting new users, an incentive for creativity and professional growth of librarians. Thanks to the competition, libraries are given the opportunity to popularize themselves, show their best promising developments, original ideas, demonstrate the strengths of their activities, the specifics of working with different readerships, and the regional aspect.

During the consultation, the staff of the Library Science Department of the National Library of Belarus highlighted the organization and execution of the competition, revealed the criteria for evaluating the competition works, and provided statistical information.


During the period of holding of the republican competition from 1992 to 2018 libraries of the Vitebsk region have become prize winners for 101 times. The libraries of Orsha Centralized Library System have received 7 awards of 101.

The contest "Library as the Center of National Culture" reflects both the realization of the potential of libraries in the revival of the national culture, history, literature, language, folklore and ethnographic heritage. The great merit in the exclusivity and individuality of each work consists of high professionalism and creative skills of librarians.

The staff of the Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. Lenin presented a comprehensive analysis of professional competition for libraries organized in Vitebsk region. The leaders of the Orsha Centralized Library System told about the main achievements and plans of the library network of public libraries in Orsha district for the current year. Finally the specialists answered the questions about their daily professional activities.

The article is provided by the Library Science department.


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