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Virtual Journey: Posters from the Times of the Great Victory

Virtual Journey: Posters from the Times of the Great Victory
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One way to celebrate Victory Day without even leaving your home is to reach out to virtual poster collection published on the portal of the National library of Belarus.

Libraries maintain collections of priceless photos. However, you can now take a virtual tour of the triumphant pages of our past because of their excellent digital copy.

All of the posters are from 1945 and mention the Great Victory or its impending arrival.

Their designers appeal for help at the front and boost morale by saying that the path to Berlin had already been chosen. And in one of the pictures, a tearful mother with a young child meets a courageous soldier who is her native countryman and had just returned from the front. Even though artists continue to depict the war, red flowers, one of the Victory symbols, are appearing more frequently.

The Soviet visual poster school was immensely influential, as you may know. Even though it is a distinct art form, researchers are still interested in it. Collectors from different nations pay great attention to these posters.

The authors of the posters presented in the virtual collection of the National Library of Belarus are Moscow and St. Petersburg artists Piotr Maltsaw, Mikalaj Dalgarukaw, Mikhail Gardon, Viktar Karetski and others, as well as Kiev artists Mikalaj Slipchanka and Raman Melnichuk.

We invite you to take a trip to the world of the Soviet poster during these memorable holidays. A special selection can be found in the section "Virtual collections".

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