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Use of IPR MEDIA and EBSCO Resources in Scientific and Educational Activities

Use of IPR MEDIA and EBSCO Resources in Scientific and Educational Activities
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On December 11 the library hosted a seminar "Information support of scientific and educational activities: the use of IPR MEDIA and EBSCO resources".

The event was organized by the National Library of Belarus, the EBSCO Information Services company and the IPR MEDIA group of companies.

The IT-technologies for libraries from IPR MEDIA were presented by Natalya Ivanova, Director General of the IPR MEDIA group of companies, and Sergey Ivanov, Chief Financial Director. The participants got acquainted with the full-text base of educational and scientific publications on the IPR books platform and additional possibilities of working with the platform: placing research texts on it and checking them for loans.

There was also presented a new technology of inclusive education: software for using an electronic library by blind and visually impaired readers.

In the second part of the seminar, Andrey Sokolov, EBSCO Regional Development Director in Russia, Belarus and Moldova, presented the participants with an overview of the latest trends in the book market development and the possibilities of working with book collections on the EBSCOhost platform. Special attention was paid to the presentation and search on the platform of the Belarusian book exterior publishment.

The presentation by Sergey Ivanov. Part I.
The presentation by Sergey Ivanov. Part II.
The presentation by Andrey Sokolov.

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