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On November 18, 2008, at M.F. Akhundov Azerbaijan National Library took place the Tenth General Meeting of Non-Profit Partnership “Library Assembly of Eurasia” (BAE).

The Directors of national libraries of member countries of the CIS (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine) and representatives of other libraries and organizations members of
BAE participated in the meeting.

During the event were discussed 13 issues dedicated to the activity of libraries of the CIS, in particular – interaction of BAE with the CIS, CENL, and IFLA, development of legislationand legal regulation of BAE libraries’ activity, and realization of joint projects in the field of development and use of information resources.

Participants of the meeting adopted the following resolutions concerning the legislation and legal regulation of the CIS libraries’ activity and interaction with international organizations:

  1. Carrying on cooperation with the CIS in the framework of joint work with the Permanent commission of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of member sates of the CIS for culture, information, and tourism and the Executive Committee of the CIS in the person of the department of cooperation in the field of science, education, and culture.
  2. Approving the work on the development of a Model library codex for member states of the CIS and recommending its implementation in the CIS libraries.
  3. Supporting the Conception of the development of information space on the basis of near-boundary libraries of member states of the CIS.
  4. Commissioning National Library of Belarus, which the Minister of Culture is a Chairman of the Council for cultural cooperation, with the mission of monitoring interaction of BAE with this body of the Executive Committee of the CIS.
  5. Including to the plan of BAE activity for 2009 the development of ways of rapprochement of legislations of member states of the CISregulating archives and libraries’ activity; development of ways of creation of standard documentation on electronic collections (resources) stock-taking; participation in the development of a law of intellectual property.
  6. Commissioning of Russian State Library IFLA Russian office with the mission of monitoring the CIS libraries’ cooperation with IFLA; preparation of a regional meeting of librarians of the CIS on IFLA conference in Milan; nomination of candidates for IFLA permanent committees.
  7. Nomination of candidates from the CIS national libraries members of BAE for IFLA Russian office and IFLA administrative bodies.

Having examined results of the joint projects in the field of development and use of information resources including the development of bibliographical database “Publications of national libraries”; program “Informkultura-plus”; program “Music and library commonwealth of national libraries”, participants of the meeting adopted the following resolutions:

  1. Taking notice of the information on the projects realization.
  2. Participating of members of BAE in annual updating of “Publications of national libraries” database.
  3. Commissioning initiators of the program Informkultura with engagement to complete the project and present its content, technological, and economic grounds.

Participants of the meeting examined new projects: electronic library of member states o fthe CIS “Domes of the Commonwealth”, “Statistics and criteria of national libraries’ activity appreciation”, and festival of cultures of member countries of EurAzES.

Having examined the new projects the participants of the meeting adopted the following resolutions:

  1. Soliciting the Council of cultural cooperation of the CIS for approval of the project “Domes of the Commonwealth” and including the project to the plan of operation for 2009.
  2. Examining of the project “Statistics and criteria of national libraries’ activity appreciation” by IFLA Russian office and national libraries of the CIS and introducing the project to the next meeting of BAE.
  3. Forming of national delegations and participation of national libraries in the festival of cultures of member countries of EurAzES which takes place in May 2009 in Minsk.

Participants of the meeting adopted the following resolutions concerning the activity of a journal “Bulletin of Library Assembly of Eurasia”:

  1. Taking notice of the report on the activity of “Bulletin of Library Assembly of Eurasia”.
  2. Creating an International editorial council of directors of national libraries of member states of the CIS, and heads of library associations.
  3. Approving the membership of reporters of the journal or members responsible for organizing of materials from every member country of BAE.
  4. Adapting a resolution on author’s emoluments as 1-5 copies of the journal with an author’s publication.
  5. Asking authors for an annotation in English language.
  6. Recommending members of BAE to support the journal by subscription and distribution.

Participants of the meeting examined as well the issues of financial and economical activity of BAE.

The next meeting of BAE takes place on May 27-28, 2009, in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) in the framework of the celebration of the anniversary of Kirghiz National Library.


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