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The roundtable and cultural-educational action

The roundtable and cultural-educational action
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On April 27, the library hosted the traditional events dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day, and also the International Day of Intellectual Property.

The roundtable "Copyright and Creative Commons licenses in Belarus: Pros and Cons" which gathered about 50 representatives of institutions of culture and education, was held in the first half of the day.

Speakers were Tatyana Kuzminich, deputy director for information resources of the National Library of Belarus; Alexey Bichurin, head of the Center for Collective Management of Property Rights of the National Center for Intellectual Property; Sergey Losev, head of the department for social research at the National Center for Legislation and Legal Studies of the Republic of Belarus; Mikhail Volchek, speaker of the Creative Commons office in Belarus; Vyacheslav Brichkovsky, head of the information support for innovation activity section of the National Library of Belarus.

During a lively discussion on possible innovations proposed in the new version of the Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights, the participants put forward a number of proposals to the developers of the document and outlined them in the final document of the event.

The cultural and educational action "The masters of the Belarusian culture. Eugene Glebov" dedicated to the creative heritage of the People’s Artist of the BSSR and USSR, composer Eugene Glebov started in after lunch time at the gallery "Labyrinth”.

Roman Motulsky, the director of the National Library of Belarus, made a speech of welcome.

Larisa Glebova, the custodian of the composer’s musical heritage, was among the event guests of honor. She transferred the electronic copies of Eugene Glebov’s hand-written musical scores to the National Library of Belarus, so the "electronic kaleidoscope" of the library was replenished with one more unique collection: "The masters of the Belarusian culture. Eugene Glebov”, which was presented to the guests by Elena Kaminskaya, the leading bibliographer of the electronic library development department.

Tamara Kunitskaya, the director of the Children’s Music School number 10 named after Eugene Glebov, spoke about the important role of the composer’s works in the formation of the musical culture of children. The pupils of the school performed fragments from his musical compositions.

During the event the guests were able to get acquainted with an exhibition at which materials from the library’s collections about the life and work of our outstanding compatriot were presented.


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13 Jul 2020

The National Library of Belarus is one of the main attractions of the Republic. In 2006, the Belarusian “Diamond of Knowledge” became an innovator not only in architecture but also in technological solutions. Representatives of 120 countries are now among the readers of the Library. This has been made possible thanks to the information trends that employees of the institution are quick to pick up.

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