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The Poetry of Kindness

The Poetry of Kindness
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On June 27, the “Poetry of Kindness” literary event was held in the children’s room.

At the event, the young readers discovered the kind and lovely poems by the Soviet children’s poetess, Agnia Barto.

The guys tested their knowledge of the poetess’ writing in a quiz, tried to rhyme in the game “Continue the Line”, and drew an illustration to the most liked poem.

Read more about the events that take place in the children's room.

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Gentle, Sweet, Kind

12 Oct 2019

A book exhibition "Gentle, Sweet, Kind" timed to Mother's Day (14 October) is organized from October 12 to 30 in the library (2nd floor, exhibition space).

Book exhibitions

Woman and War: Raisa Simakova

18 Sep 2019

Raisa Petrovna Simakova </b><b> is a person with an amazing love of life. Having survived the Siege of Leningrad and suffered many losses, she still inspires with her optimism. This is a person who keeps in mind a plenitude of dates, events, facts and names; a person whose experience is priceless...

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Constellation of Images: Exhibition of the Embroidery

8 Oct 2019

Tender and bright, large and miniature: the exhibition project "Constellation of Images" presents an embroidery works made by talented craftswomen from the club "Sozvezdie" lead by the Belarusian Union of Women. In skillful hands, a needle and hundreds of multi-colored cottons  have created colorful landscapes, skillful portraits and even works based on paintings by famous artists.

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