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The National Library takes part in TIBO-2015 opening

The National Library takes part in TIBO-2015 opening
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On April 22nd, the National Library took part in the opening ceremony of the XXII International exhibition and congress “TIBO”.

For the first time the National Library of Belarus participates in a state structures’ team stand presenting its information resources and services at the platform of the Ministry of Culture of Belarus.

The main library of the country has prepared some presentations: ”The Internet portal, the virtual service “Electronic document delivery”, ”Databases produced by the National Library « Scientists of Belarus» and « The national database of authority files» , ”The union electronic catalogue of the corporate cataloging system”.

The library employees acquainted visitors with new projects – the Internet resource timed to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory ”The memory of flaming years” including electronic copies of newspapers, leaflets, pocket books and manuscripts, wall newspapers and photos of 1941–1945, fiction by Belarusian authors about the war, records of wartime and post-war songs. Also the exhibition presents the electronic edition “Underground and Partisan Press of Belarus”. CD includes digitized copies of underground and partisan press from the stocks of the National Library of Belarus, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and the National Archive of the Republic of Belarus.

The library’s equipment for vinyl records digitizing is first on display. Visitors of the exhibition can see a usual player which is a part of a digitizing complex. Each interested person can listen to past years songs and get acquainted with the process of recording. At present the electronic library of the main book-depository of the country consists of more than 390 000 audio documents from which nearby 258 000 are digitized vinyl disks. This is the biggest record collection in the country.

As part of the exhibition, a presentation of the new electronic resource “Fashion. Style. Beauty” will take place. It contains books, magazines, editions on fine arts, fashion of the XVI–XX centuries of Russia, France, Germany, England, Poland etc.

Projects of the National Library of Belarus presented at the exhibition “TIBO-2015” are designed for a broad audience. The library employees will be glad to answer visitors’ questions.

Call for more info: (375 17) 293 27 56.



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