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The National Library of Belarus participated in the exhibition project "Ten centuries of art in Belarus"

The National Library of Belarus participated in the exhibition project "Ten centuries of art in Belarus"
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On 26 March, there was held the opening of a large-scale exhibition project "Ten centuries of art in Belarus" in which realization the National Library of Belarus took part.

The project was organized by Belgazprombanktogether with Gazprom Transgaz Belarus, the Ministry of Culture and the Belarusian National Arts Museum.

The exhibition displays about 500 outstanding patterns of Belarusian art from 29 museums of the republic, private and corporate collections. Many of the exhibits will be shown to the audience for the first time. The project was realized due to joint work of researchers of art and culture, high qualified specialists in the field of museums, libraries and culture, the best designers from Belarus, Lithuania and Russia.

The National Library of Belarus as one of the exhibitors provided 34 documents from its collections. Among them are the unique original Bible of Francisk Skorina (1518); patterns of the hand-written heritage of multinational Belarus – Jewish Torah and Tatar Kitab (XVIII century); Belarusian ancient editions of the 12th and 13th centuries issued by publishing houses in Kuteyno, Pinsk, Polotsk, Supraśl; the first and lifetime editions of works by prominent public figures, scientists and Belarusian classics: Y. Chechot, A. Mickiewicz, Y. Barshchevsky, V. Dunin-Marcinkiewicz; editions of Belarusian literary and artistic unions Molodnyak and Uzvyshsha of the beginning of the 29th century.



Let's Create a Project Together

21 Sep 2020

A virtual project "On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life", timed to the 100th anniversary of the literary association "Maladnyak" (1923-1928), includes a lot of interesting and informative things. These are photographs of the writers, their family and friends, manuscripts and letters, photos of personal belongings of the members of "Maladnyak", full texts of their pieces. Important material that makes the project "alive" and relevant are the articles of modern researchers. With the permission of the authors, we place digitized copies of publications that are available to readers in full.

To the 100th Anniversary of “Maladnyak