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The Library Has Received the Stalinets Newspaper Published In the Partisan Printing House

The Library Has Received the Stalinets Newspaper Published In the Partisan Printing House
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On July 3, we celebrate the Independence Day of Belarus. That day 75 years ago the capital of Belarus was liberated from the Nazi invaders. This holiday is also a day of remembrance of those who lived and fought during the Great Patriotic War.

Nadezhda Tsvirko and Daria Novikova honor the memory of their grandfather and great-grandfather, Pavel Tsvirko, who during the Great Patriotic War had published the underground newspaper Stalinets. Seeking to preserve the memory of him and the work of his life, Nadezhda and Darya donated 26 issues of the underground newspaper Stalinets for the years 1943–1944 to the National Library of Belarus.

Pavel Tsvirko was among the organizers of the underground group in Slutsk district. In the partisan zone, he had resumed the publication of the district newspaper Stalinets, the organ of the local committee of the Communist Party of Belarus and the regional Council of Workers' Deputies. As an editor, and after a deputy editor, he had written over a hundred leaflets and appeals to the public, and this despite a serious illness, epilepsy seizures, and hard working conditions. Members of the underground managed to print 31 issues in 1943 and 36 issues in 1944.

The main content of the newspaper consisted of news from the front, reports on the fighting of partisans, liberated villages and cities of Belarus, as well as on Nazi crimes. The works of Belarusian writers – a poem by Maxim Tank and an appeal by Kandrat Krapiva – also appeared in the newspapers.

The National Library of Belarus collects artifacts of the national memory of Belarus, including partisan and underground press. Recently, the library has received valuable materials reflecting one of the most dramatic periods in our history.

We express our sincere thanks to the Tsvirko family for such a valuable gift on the eve of the day of the liberation of Minsk.

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