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The Journey Starts from the Vitebsk Region: The First Meeting

The Journey Starts from the Vitebsk Region: The First Meeting
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The presentation "Information Treasures of the Belarus. The Vitebsk region" was held in the Library on January 25.

The Belarusian land is full of treasures! Each region, city and place has its own unique history, cultural achievements and talented people who have glorified their native land.

The Vitebsk region is a real treasury in this sense, the land of art, original architecture and a galaxy of famous personalities. While the amateur collective Altanka from Vitebsk was singing, the participants of the event went on a virtual trip to Vitebsk region on an improvised tram. Even there were sone controllers too!

Tatyana Kuzminich, deputy director of the National Library of Belarus for Information Resources welcomed the guests. She noted that a colossal work of studying, restoring and popularization of the information about our country is carrying out together with local historians, archivists, researchers, library and museum staff. As a result of fruitful cooperation a range of original projects on collection and studying rich information heritage of the Vitebsk region have been implemented.

During the event, there were presented multimedia publications, in preparation of which has been involved a range of partners together with the National Library of Belarus, including representatives from the Vitebsk region (Vitebsk scientific archival commission (1909 - 1919): documents and materials and Regional history of Belarus in the documents and materials of Vilna Archaeological Commission (1864 - 1915)).

Anzhelika Goncharova, the head of the regional studies and design work section of the National Library of Belarus, Valery Shishanov, deputy director for scientific work of the Vitebsk regional museum, Ekaterina Yaskevich, the leading bibliographer of the local literature and bibliography department of the Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. Lenin, Nikolay Pivovar, candidate of historical sciences, the teacher of the history in the Vitebsk Cadet School also performed during the event.

This event was organized by the National Library of Belarus, the Belarusian Library Association, the Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. Lenin, the Vitebsk Regional Local Lore Museum, the Vitebsk tram and trolleybus Agency and other organizations of Vitebsk.

Today's meeting was the first of a large series of events which aim is to introduce the information heritage of different parts of Belarus, their history and cultural achievements. Therefore, see you soon! Buy tickets in advance, the tram goes further - to the Brest region!