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On 16–17 September, the III International Bibliological Conference "The Book of Belarus: the connection to time" will be held at the National Library of Belarus.

It has become a tradition to organize bibliological conference in mid-September on the birthday of the National Library of Belarus. During this event the following issues are discussed: theoretical problems of book science, questions on the history of books, publishing houses and collections of books. Participants talk about private collections of unique manuscripts and early printed editions.

The 3rd Bibliological Conference will be devoted to the book culture of Belarus. Its theme "The Book of Belarus: the connection to time" was supported by a bilateral Belarusian-Polish Joint Commission for the Cultural Heritage which has been working successfully at the Department for the protection of historical and cultural heritage and restoration for many years.

Organizers of the Conference are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, the Department for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage and Restoration of the Republic of Belarus, the Advisory Commission of Belarus and Poland on Historical and Cultural Heritage, the National Library of Belarus.

As part of the 3rd Bibliological Conference there will work the following sections:

1 section: History of the Belarusian printing. Art of the Book;
2 section: Belarusian historical collections of books in time and space;
3 section: Old books and new technology: the problems of coexistence. Theory and practice of the department of rare books. The book in the museum exhibition.

The Conference is attended by librarians, archivists, museum workers, scientists, university professors. To participate in the international conference 56 applications have been received from Belarus, the USA, Poland and Russia. Among the participants are members of the Russian National Library, scientists from Warsaw, Lublin, Olsztyn, Krakow, Katowice, experts from the National Library of Belarus, the Central Scientific Library named after Y. Kolas of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, from libraries and museums of Polotsk, Grodno, Gomel, etc. The Conference will focus on the history of Belarusian books, information on historical book collections that existed on the territory of Belarus. Experts will share their thoughts and experience on the use of new information technologies in the work of the monuments of literary culture.

It is planned to publish materials of the 3rd International Bibliological Conference.

A book exhibition "The book of Belarus: the connection to time" is disigned to the Bibliological Conference.


The National Library has received an electronic collection of works by Belarusian authors in the Uzbek language

29 Nov 2022

Kabiljon Sabirov, the Director of the People's Diplomacy Center of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, presented an electronic collection of writings by Belarusian authors from the holdings of the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi to the National Library of Belarus on November 28 at the House of Friendship as part of the round table "Uzbekistan - Belarus: Time-tested friendship".

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