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The history of world languages

The history of world languages
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The popular scientific lecture “The history of world languages: suppositions and facts” took place on June 14.

The National Library of Belarus co-organized a course of public lectures of the project “Science beside itself” for the time. The public organization “Youth educational centre Fialta, which carries out enlightening activities among young people, is the initiator. Scientists and teachers of Belarusian higher education institutions give free lectures on urgent issues of chemistry, physics, cybernetics and other scientific fields in the framework of the project.

The idea was offered by representatives of the company, which is the partner in the event organization.

The lecture “The history of world languages: suppositions and facts” was delivered by the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, Ph.D. candidate of the speech studies and the theory of communication department of the Minsk State Linguistic University Tatiana Bobko. She told about the language landscape of the modern world, language families and how languages-ancestries, languages-descendants, languages-orphans developed. A question about the preworld language existence raised an active discussion among the audience.

The thematic exhibition presented to visitors scientific, popular scientific and reference editions about the history of world languages from the funds of the National Library of Belarus. The Library is the largest depositary of scientific knowledge and is aimed at raising the interest of the wide audience to science and at organizing public lectures along with the educational centre Fialta. Such enlightening practice will spread scientific knowledge beyond laboratories and universities to the general public. And then there will be not just “Science beside itself”, but also everyone will be beside themselves with science!


How the Main Library of Belarus Was Created and How it Works

6 Jul 2020

The architecture of the National Library of Belarus has redefined the idea of how the main book depository of the country should look like. The form of the rhombic dodecahedron, invented by Leonardo Da Vinci, is complex and at the same time spectacular, therefore it is not surprising that the Library, “diamond of knowledge”, was included in the rating of 100 architectural masterpieces of the world.

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The Singer of the Beauty and the Will

6 Jul 2020

An exhibition "The Singer of the Beauty and the Will", dedicated to the 120th birth anniversary of the Belarusian poet, prose writer, translator Uladzimir Dubouka (1900 or 1901–1976) at the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) from July 6 to September 1.

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