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The gift of books to the Belarussian segregation in Turkey

The gift of books to the Belarussian segregation in Turkey
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The National library handed over the books about Belarus solemnly both to the Belarussian segregation residing in Turkey and to Istanbul university on July 26th.

In the honor of its 100th anniversary, the National library of Belarus has handed over 100 publications solemnly, consisting of children book, text books of the Belarussian language and literature intended for different grades of educational school, Russian-Belarusian and Belarussian-Russian dictionaries, magazines about our country, postcards with pictures of Belarusian artists, poetry collections of the Belarussian authors, as well as Belarus touristic and local history albums.

The solemn ceremony was attended by Aleksei Shved, general counselor of the Republic of Belarus in Istanbul; Viktar Pshybytka, deputy director general of the National library of Belarus; media representative and employees of the library.

The handing over of a gift from the Istanbul University was a pleasant surprise. The collections of the “diamond of the knowledge” have been added with valuable facsimile publications «Muhibbi Divani», «Swordsman, Historian, Mathematician, Artist, Calligrapher – Matrakci Nasuh and His Menazilname» dated back to the time of Suleiman I (Suleiman the Magnificent) – one of the greatest sultans during the reign of whom the Osman empire had been raised significantly.

Mahmut Ak, professor, president of the oldest Istanbul university in Turkey, congratulated the chief library of the country on the 100th anniversary and wished prosperity and thanked for cooperation.

While handing over of the books about Belarus, the National library of Belarus extending international cooperation; supporting fellow nationals; facilitating information about the country; and facilitating popularity of the national traditions and spiritual values.

By the Public relations department.


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