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Maladnyakoskіmі Krokamі in the Book Museum
The Singer of Humanism

The Gift Box

The Gift Box
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Creative, exciting and informative lesson The Gift Box was held in the Children's Room on January 11.

Small participants created an original bright box using the technique of overhead applique made out of colored cardboard. Snowflakes and flowers carved from foamiran, colored paper and foil, became elements of decorations.

The lesson contributed to the development of the children’s fine motor skills and creative imagination.

Physical activity breaks and games with riddles about winter created a good mood for everyone.

Read about other activities in the Children's Room and stay tuned for upcoming classes.

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Lecture From Maladnyak to Maladosts

27 Feb 2020

On February 26, From Maladnyak to Maladosts lecture took place as part of the state project On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life at the Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications of the Belarusian State University under the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation.

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