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The Christmas Star

The Christmas Star
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On December 26 at the Children’s Room of the National Library of Belarus took place a creative study of origami "The Christmas Star”.

Young participants learned how to make a peculiar Christmas star with the use of color paper and glue. Study of origami techniques allowed children to discover the wonderful world of creativity and the New Year mystery.

Children were fascinated and cheered up with friendly environment, sporting games and favorite cartoons.


A 130-year journey

6 Oct 2022

A rare 19th-century calendar from the Belarus’ National Library Holdings is on display in conjunction with the city of Minsk's 955th birthday as part of the celebration exhibition "100 Rarities: from historical book collections to current art books."

National Library of Belarus News

Elena Kosinskaya, a highly qualified librarian and outstanding bibliographer, began her career at the National Library 50 years ago

6 Oct 2022

The staff of the National Library congratulates Elena Ivanovna on her professional anniversary and wishes her health and success, easy and successful implementation of all creative ideas, new achievements in the library business. Let your life be filled with warm meetings, joyful events, smiles and attention of your family and friends.

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25 Interesting Facts About the National Library of Belarus

15 Sep 2022

“The Belarusian diamond, the treasury of knowledge, the keeper of the historical and cultural heritage, the republican information, scientific and socio–cultural center and the business card of Belarus”, as our readers called the library. Hundred thousand people nave visited our institution since it has been established. In the running up of the centenary we have something to surprise you with: here you have a top of interesting facts! Check yourself, how much do you know exactly?

To the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus

The National Library's anniversary is being broadcast on Belarusian television!

16 Sep 2022

A number of events commemorating the centennial will take place in 2022. The exhibition project "Diamonds of the Century: from the library collection," the exhibition "100 rarities: from historical book collections to modern art books," the mobile photo exhibition "National Library of Belarus," the educational campaign "Biblionoch," and many other projects are among the most notable.

To the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus