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The History of Belarus in a New Electronic Publication

The History of Belarus in a New Electronic Publication
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An electronic edition “Formation of the Belarusian Statehood: through the pages of Belarusian newspapers, 1917–1922” was presented in the library, on January 10.

This unique project is a real catch for anyone interested in national history. Two CDs feature electronic copies of about 2,400 issues of newspapers from the collections of the National Library of Belarus, the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus and other organizations, and also an essay by candidate of historical sciences, Andery Unuchek, on Belarusian Printed Media and the Formation of National State in 1917–1922.

The director of the National Library of Belarus, Roman Motulsky, started the event with a speech emphasizing that many historical events were covered by newspapers and reflected in the mirror of journalism. Thus, the offered e-publication was a great source for researchers, presenting tangible evidence of the formation and development of Belarusian statehood.

The event was attended by director of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Demyanyuk, chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Culture and Science of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, Igor Marzalyuk, head of the Modern History of Belarus Department, the Institute of History, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Andrey Unuchek, and head of section of the Information and Analytical Department, compiler of the electronic publication Olga Grinkevich.

At the end of the presentation, the guests visited the exhibition “The Republic Manifesto", timed to the 100th anniversary of the BSSR proclamation, which runs in the Book Museum.

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