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The Berkov lectures

The Berkov lectures
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On 26–27 May, the ІІI International science conference “The Berkov lectures. Book culture in the context of international relationships” was held.

The conference named after literary critic, bibliographer, historian of literature P.N. Berkov (1896–1969) took place in the museum « The palace complex “Mir”» and the Central Scientific Library named after Yakub Kolas of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NAS).

The conference was arranged by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Central Scientific Library, the museum «The palace complex “Mir”», the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Center of study of book culture “Nauka, the scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences “The History of the World Culture”.

The international conference gathered scientists from Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. During two days a plenary session and six sections were held. As part of the conference, exhibitions “Books of the epoch of Nicolay Radziwill the Black from the stocks of the NAS Central Scientific Library” and “The book collection of the XV International meeting of specialists in the history of the Slavs in Belarus presented as a gift to the NAS Central Scientific Library named after Yakub Kolas”.

Lecturers: specialists of the National Library of Belarus deputy director Alexander Susha, (“The book heritage of Belarus: on the way of knowledge”), head of the Bibliology department Galina Kireeva (“Notes in Cyrillic printed books of the XVI – the first quarter of the XVII centuries (from the stocks of the National Library of Belarus)”), head of research and design work section Tatiana Sapega (“The book collection of the Nesvizh entailed estate of the Radziwills in the stocks of the National Library of Belarus: history, current state and prospects of research”), chief bibliographer of the Bibliology department Tatiana Korniliva (“Belarusian Cyrillic editions: the questions of terminology”), bibliographer of the same department Lyudmila Silnova («The magazine «Russian Philological Bulletin» in the bibliography of academician E.F. Karsky’s private library»).


June 27 Marks the Birthday of Dmitry Lybin, a Famous Belarusian Composer and Teacher

26 Jun 2020

Dmitry Lybin was born in 1963 in Minsk. He graduated with honours from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music with the major in musicology (under the guidance of professor I. Ryzhkin class) and the Belarusian State Academy of Music majoring in composition (under the guidance of professor D. Smolsky). He completed an internship at the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory and the Chopin Warsaw Academy of Music.

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